In Japan, sodas pack bigger benefits than a kick of caffeine and sugar high. Pepsi’s latest entry to the market, Pepsi Special is the company’s response to Kirin Mets Coke. Like its competitor, Pepsi Special contains wheat dextrin—the added fiber supplement is supposed to help with bowel regularity, which in theory leads to weight loss.

The soft drink joins a lineage of uniqueto-Japan soda flavors like Pepsi Cucumber, Pepsi Black (50% less sugar than the original flavor), and Pepsi White (tangerine-flavored). The latter is slated to arrive next month. Previously, the brand has introduced flavors like Pepsi Azuki (azuki bean), Pepsi Mont Blanc (chestnut puree cakes), and Pepsi Pink (strawberry milk-flavored).

In comparison, American Pepsi’s have remained relatively staid, with familiar fruit flavors and the occasional changes in diet recipes. We’d love to see the brand take more risks over here—maybe Pepsi Pumpkin or Pepsi Bacon? Just a thought.

[via LA Times]