Bourbon may signal summer when its in a mint juleps, but The Kitchn digs into its warming, cold weather-friendly qualities with a roundup of winter cocktails and rich desserts, as well as a few hybrids of the two. While we dig the food recipes, we’re more likely to incorporate the drinks—like a Bourbon Bomber and Bourbon Cough Syrup for Grownups—into our regular repertoire.

The Bourbon Bomber is big on fall flavors: apple cider, nutmeg, and ginger. Plus, the recipe makes a generous 10 portions, ideal for a Thanksgiving get-together. The Cough Syrup recipe gets a nod for delicious convenience. It only takes three ingredients—bourbon, lemon, and honey—to make the perfect itchy throat antidote.

If bourbon is not your thing, Esquire has a list of 27 cocktail recipes that range from brandy to buttered rum. Just bear in mind that none of these are designed for dual purposes like the cough syrup, though they’ll probably do the trick just as well.

[via The Kitchn]