Citing a correlation between high-volume drinking and violent crimes, British Prime Minister David Cameron is looking to increase the price of alcohol to as much as 50 pence per unit, according to The Independent.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister will announce his recommendation on a price cap for booze. It is likely that he will present 40 pence as the minimum; recently he has said that setting this figure as the cap can mean “50,000 fewer crimes each year and 900 fewer alcohol-related deaths per year by the end of the decade.”

Needless to say, the proposal has incited plenty of debate in the U.K., where binge drinking is practically a national pastime. Some are arguing for a higher cap to be effective; others claim a minimum price should not be proposed in the first place. According to the newspaper’s math, a potential 40-pence minimum would see a bottle of supermarket red wine at £2.99 going up to £3.76.

[via The Independent]