For Anheuser-Busch, funneling millions of dollars into getting you to drink their beer—and drink it often—is just business. But apparently, having their signature product portrayed as the drink of choice for an alcoholic character in a film is just too real.

The beer giant is reportedly upset over the fact that Denzel Washington’s Whip Whitaker, a pilot with deep-seeded issues like alcoholism, turns to Budweiser in Robert Zemeckis’ new movie Flight (premiered nationwide last Friday).

As Gawker explains, “The company is so upset that their product, which is designed to get you drunk, is associated with a drunk that they’re asking Paramount Studios to remove or blur any Budweiser image in all future and digital versions of the film.” It’s not the only substance Whip uses—a fact that didn’t go unnoticed. William Grant & Sons, Stolichnaya vodka’s distributor, has also asked for their brand to be removed from scenes.

As brand removal is unlikely, Grantland has three suggestions: “1) Digitally replace all Budweiser with Coors Light and/or Miller Lite; 2) Digitally replace all Budweiser with heroin; and 3) Keep the Budweiser in the movie, but make Denzel shoot a Budweiser commercial that runs at exactly the halfway point of every screening of Flight and is also in the DVD/VOD/Netflix version.”

[via Gawker]