Tired of pumpkin? We can’t blame you. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the vegetarian response to the bacon meme. You see it everywhere you turn for food or drink—lattés, candy, and even beer. Word of a temporary lapse in pumpkin latté supply at Starbucks even generated enough press to rival that of baconmaggedon.

So whole the squash is enjoying unorecedented commercial popularity, publications like The New York Times remind us not to sleep on alternate options befitting the season, like apples and pears.

Apple has never not been a strong contender as an autumn flavor, but hard cider was never as in-demand as it is now. NPR reports, “U.S. hard cider sales are up 65 percent over last year, and just about all the big beer companies sell it, as well as many artisan brewers.”

Pears are not to be discounted either, even though they get have less buzz. As Food & Wine explains, pears are the “Robin to Batman-like apples: terrific, but occasionally left behind.” The magazine found that bartenders New York to San Francisco are “spotlighting the sweet, fragrant fruit in cocktails made with a range of spirits from brandy to vodka.” Taking the coverage one step further, Liquid Living Magazine has 15+ cocktail recipes featuring apples and pair.