The Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale by Deschutes Brewery recently bolstered its G.O.A.T. status at the World Beer Awards held in the United Kingdom. The coveted brew nabbed “World’s Best Beer” for the second year in a row and also swept up the award in its style category, “World’s Best Pale Ale.”

Named after a chair lift at Mount Bachelor, Red Chair is aimed to “take you away from the masses,” says Deschutes brewer Matt Henneous. He explains, “It’s not your everyday hop-forward beer. It’s much cleaner. Less bitter, but with all the positive hop qualities you would hope to find in a delicious, citrus beer.”

Along with pale ale honors, the Oregon brewery won the categories of “World’s Best Stout and Porter” and “World’s Best Imperial Stout” with Abyss.

Red Chair is a seasonal (January to May) beer and, for now, Deschutes is available only in 17 states.


[via Beverage World]