Like 7-Eleven and California Pizza Kitchen, Heaven Hill Distilleries has found a way to tie consumerism into the democratic process. The Kentucky spirits maker has been selling Blue State vs. Red State Bourbon bottles that act as an unofficial poll for drinkers who want to show out for Democrats or Republicans.

The bottles do not tally up when scanned for purchase, as in case of the 7-Eleven coffee cups. Instead, supporters have been asked to pull the lever via ‘Likes’ on Facebook. Each ‘Like,’ regardless of side, will earn a $1 donation toward Veterans of Foreign Wars, a bipartisan cause that many can support.

The last time we checked, the Blue State Bourbon page was at 537 ‘Likes’, paltry compared to the 1,153 ‘Likes’ garnered by the Red State Bourbon page. We’re really not sure what to make of this information, other than to assume that Republicans are more likely to get jiggy with bourbon than their liberal counterparts.

Moreover, we’ll need someone with a statistics degree to explain how these results compare to the presidential drinking poll taken by CNN’s Eatocracy, in which readers show a clear preference for sipping homebrew with President Obama, and a clear disinterest in drinking a non-alcoholic beverage with Governor Romney.

Perhaps the lesson is simply, don’t drink and vote.


(Infographic: CNN/Eatocracy)


[via Eatocracy]