First we find out that the kids of today are too fat to fight wars. Now, Scientific American has declared that we are basically just a nation of increasingly chubby lushes across the board.

An article published by the magazine lists stats on obesity, as well as heavy drinking, binge drinking, tobacco use, and exercise. Between 1995 and 2010, Americans have become more inclined to eat and drink excessively. That is, unless you live in Tennessee, where folks are below the national average in heavy drinking and well below it in binge drinking.

About the only good news is that we’re smoking less—just not in West Virginia, where the habit can’t seem to be shaken—and we seem to be hitting the gym more often.

Illustrating the best and the worst states against the national average, an interactive graphic of gluttony allows you to add three other states for comparison.

These findings are drawn from information provided by the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey Database and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

[via Scientific American]