How awesome would it be if you rolled into a swank cocktail lounge and found out that Nasty Nas would be your bartender for the evening?

That’s the fantasy on display in the new video for “Cherry Wine,” which casts the rap star in the role of a slick, shirt-garter-rocking mixologist at a neo-speakeasy. His signature quaff appears to be a martini with a cherry in it—slightly suspect, but fuck it, he looks the part back there so we’ll let it slide.

Other signs that he has more swag in his tie clip than most cocktail bartenders could muster in their whole careers: shunning spirits in favor of a bottle of red wine on the job, demonstrating OCD-style dedication to bartop cleanliness, and playing it cool when a lady patron makes insinuative hand contact while grabbing her drink.

Nasir probably needs to work on his hard shake a bit more before he can nab shifts at the likes of Pegu Club and Varnish. But on the real, throwing a rap legend behind the bar might help some folks stomach those $16 drink prices a little easier.