In a bid for the world record in getting-you-twisted antics, Scottish brewery Brewmeister has unleashed¬†Armageddon, a beer boasting 65% ABV (alcohol by volume). To put that in perspective, regular Bud clocks in at 5% ABV. So yeah…it’ll get you drunk.

The ingredients that go into this brute appear pretty standard: “Crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats, and of course 100% Scottish spring water.” But the key is to freeze-ferment the beer to consolidate the high-alcohol part. Along with suggesting you sipping the ale like “fine whisky,” the brewers warn that the fumes alone are enough to give you a high.

Thus far, we’ve yet to see an official response from Brewdog, the iconoclastic Scottish brewery that has been leading the arms race in recent years to brew the strongest beer. The name Armageddon is clearly a reference to Brewdog’s End of History, which previously boasted the highest ABV (55%) and was sold in bottles stuffed inside taxidermied animals.

Where will it all end? We know Brewdog won’t take a challenge like this sitting down, so look out out for some insane stunt from the crew in coming months.

For now, a 330 milliliter bottle is selling for 40£, or about $64.50. Expect to wait two weeks for delivery as the site indicates there is already a big demand.

[via HuffPost Taste]