Ever since Sean Connery’s debut back in 1963, James Bond has been synonymous with fighting, women, and shaken vodka martinis. But if you look closely at the tape, the actual distribution of those vices in each film fluctuates considerably.

The Economist analyzed the data for each movie, running the stats on each Bond actor to create the chart above.

Most interesting for boozehounds is the fact that the average number of martinis drank per film has risen over time—which is in line with a recent study that found Americans in general are drinking more than we used to.

The current leading man, Daniel Craig, leads with an average of 5 martinis per film, far surpassing the O.G. Bonds (but maybe they were just busier with the ladies?).

However, it looks like Craig’s martini average will take a dive when Skyfall is released. The protagonist will be drinking only Heinekens this time around, as part of a controversial product placement deal.

[via The Economist]