You can’t say the New York Times doesn’t work hard to check its facts. When it came to that White House Honey Ale that Obama’s been talking up, the Dining Section didn’t just take the President’s word that it’s a good beer. Instead, they set out to investigate the claim for themselves.

They began by enlisting Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, to help brew a sample batch of the stuff, using the recipe divulged by the White House. After a month of maturing in 750-milliliter corked bottles in a controlled 77-degree room, the Honey Ale was ready for tasting.

The result? NYT wine critic Eric Asimov waxed poetically about such elements as the floral quality of the honey used in the ale. We’ll let him take it away:

On the palate, it was breezy, fresh, tangy and lightly bitter, not bone dry but not at all sweet. I could sense the honey in the round, rich texture of the beer: thickness without weight, like a chenin blanc wine. The soft carbonation enhanced the texture. It didn’t have the insistent rush of bubbles that you would find in a mass-produced beer, or the snappy twang of a pilsner, but rather the soft fizz of a British hand-cranked cask ale.

To make your own batch, find the recipe here, then take some tips from a video run-down courtesy of the White House:




[via The New York Times]