The possibility of a bacon-maple latté first came to our attention when Anthony Bourdain hit up Pirate Cat Radio in the Mission during a No Reservations episode on San Francisco. At the (now closed) mixed-use space, Daniel Roberts, a.k.a. DJ Monkey, added a hit of porcine umami to Bourdain’s mug of frothed-up espresso. He uses ‘refined bacon’—removed of solids—along with maple syrup to espresso and steamed organic milk.

That’s the same trick, more or less, used by bars like Ripple in D.C., where bacon have become a prominent component in cocktails. (Essential cocktail nerd digression: The practice has its roots in the now legendary Benton’s Old-Fashioned, pioneered by bartender Don Lee at PDT in New York.) Ripple’s bar manager Josh Berner tells NPR’s The Salt that it’s an easy one to replicate at home. And for those who don’t get jiggy with bacon, you can swap it for something like sesame or olive oil. Here’s how it’s done:

Tools: A 3-quarter saucepan, freezer-proof container, cheesecloth, a sieve, and glassware.

Ingredients: A bottle of your choice in liquor, 2 ounces of your choice in oil (or liquid fat), and good ol’fashioned elbow grease.

Instructions (consolidated from photo captions of Berner infusing liquor):

  1. Pour your a bottle of your preferred alcohol into a saucepan over very low heat.
  2. Once it is simmering, slowly stir in your choice of oil.
  3. Stir for 20 minutes.
  4. Let the mixture cool down to room temperature. Once cool, pour into a freezer proof container and leave in the freezer overnight. This will allow the fat solids to rise up to the top.
  5. The next day, pour out the solids by filtering the infused alcohol through a cheesecloth-lined sieve over a bottle. Congratulations, you now have the perfect party pleaser.

[via The Salt]