Think fast, baristas: The future of the average coffee experience may very well be played out between man and machine. The company behind Coinstar and Redbox DVD will soon be introducing more Seattle’s Best Rubi Kiosks—about 15,000 more.

The average machine will brew a fresh grind of beans in a minute, using a method similar to French press. Regular drinks run $1 to $ 1.50, while specialty drinks are $1.50 to $2. One machine can provide up to 28 options.

Analysts are predicting that Rubi won’t threaten existing coffee chains the way that Redbox has crept on Blockbuster territory. Instead it could very well hit a niche unmet by pricier counterparts Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

Gothamist seems depressed at the thought of these newfangled coffee vending machines. But as they point out, “The average American [who] spends about $5 per workday for their coffee drinks outside the home,” or $1,902 a year, has gotta save somehow.

[via Gothamist]