In 2010, whisky expert Ian Buxton released 101 Whiskeys to Try Before You Die, a sleek guidebook to sipping brown spirits. Hopefully you lived the last two years like they were your last, because he’s already back with an equally impressive follow-up: 101 World Whiskeys to Try Before You Die.

Buxton explains the one-word title tweak in the intro, acknowledging the heavy emphasis on Scotland in the previous guide. To balance the tables, this edition features whiskies he discovered criss-crossing the globe from Australia to Austria. Each entry includes a brief history, industry context, and tasting notes, as well as space at the bottom of the page for your own drunken scrawling.

The book is packed with interesting factoids that make for a great coffee-table material. You’ll learn about esoteric whiskies like Amrut, a brand from Bangalore (an Indian city likened to Silicon Valley) that is helping to make India a player in the spirits market. You can also ogle the the £100,000-a bottle Johnny Walker Diamond Jubilee, which the distillery released in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

As far as we’re concerned, a geography lesson by way of whiskey isn’t a bad form of continuing education. We can all stand to be more aware of the world outside of our immediate one, especially if it’s filtered through a snifter of single malt.

[via Cool Hunting]