Last week, we took a look at the results from Zagat’s latest drinking survey, learning that there are positive trends (the ascendancy of the Manhattan) and not-so-positive trends (the disappearance of the boozy business lunch) in the world of cocktails.

But Zagat dug deeper than just polling the audience during its Mixology Week, attempting to collate all that’s noteworthy and overrated at bars near you these days.

They covered a lot of ground with nearly 30 posts that look into several major cities, including D.C., Boston, and Los Angeles. They even highlighted the 10 most annoying trends (like weird flavored vodkas and bacon in everything) going on right now.

As their posts show, the line between revelatory and tired in mixology can be thin; one person’s barrel-aged cocktail is another person’s old news. Even the term “mixology” can get some people fired up (here and here), while others to build education programs around it. About the one solid takeaway from all of this is the relative ease with which we can now find bars that serve a good drink.

Released a few months ago, Fog & Smog’s “Mixologist” sums up the frustrations people have had with the perceived snobbery of the craft cocktail movement:




For a perspective on the other side, there is “Sh*t People Say to Bartenders,” in which actors run lines frequently told to a bartender for a full five minutes and 35 seconds.




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