Superhero sidekicks don’t get enough love. The crap these characters put up with would likely drive them to spend their nights nursing whiskey in a lonely bar—which is exactly the scenario imagined in this video by Above Average Productions. Some choice lines from the skit, which aired on Saturday Night Live:

  • “Oh he’s a superhero, he’s definitely not here. This is a sidekick bar,” says barkeep Brick over the phone when asked for
  • On the sad, overweight Superman type sitting at the end of the bar, Bluejay says, “He’s like second Olson twin level sloppy.”
  • “Kind of like Robin Williams in the Fisher King,” says Brick.

Owned by Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video, Above Average Productions taps such SNL members like Abby Elliot, Bill Hader, and Kenan Thompson, but is not limited to the talent and writers of the show. YouTube favorites like Those Lil Rabbits and sketch-comedy troupe Harvard Sailing Team are also part of the network/production company.

[via YouTube; Hulu]