Chicago’s “culinary brewing” concept Moody Tongue has released a Perigord-truffle-infused pilsner. The 5%-ABV pilsner is made with rare and expensive hand-shaved black truffles from Australian, and the beer is intended to be paired with food.

Do any of these facts soften the blow that a 22-ounce bottle will set you back $120? Nah.

The beer’s creator, Jared Rouben, quit his job as head brewmaster at the Goose Island brewpubs last year to pursue his Moody Tongue project. Rouben tells New York Post,

“I had the opportunity to use one of the best ingredients in the world. It’s like being given the keys to a race car. I shaved each truffle by hand. I reached out to other chefs to get as much information as possible. I did as much homework as I could to get it just right.”

Our thoughts? Let’s not go there with beer. The wonderful thing about craft beer is no matter how crazy the ingredients are, you can typically still try a glass for less than $10. The novelty should be attributed to the ingredients, not the price.

Beers with price tags above $100 are rare, and often a combination of ridiculously high alcohol content (Samuel Adams’ Utopias approaches 30%-ABV) and gimmickry (BrewDog’s The End of History contained 55%-ABV and was presented in taxidermied roadkill). Hopefully, $100 (and up) beers remain few and far between—we’d prefer to skip an arms race to see who can make the most expensive brews.

The Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner made its debut a month ago at four-star NYC restaurant Per Se. It was paired with roasted bitter chocolate and truffle black pudding with brioche cream, walnut floss, and green almonds. For now, there are only 40 barrels of truffle beer, and Rouben isn’t saying which restaurants in NYC are receiving the bottles next. There’s no doubt that NYC’s food-world Illuminati will be all over it.

[via NY Post, Chicago Tribune]

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