Portland, Oregon is the best coffee city in the country. You heard me, Seattle. Want to make something of it, San Francisco? Sorry, New York, you’re not even a contender. It’s not just because it’s the hometown of super influential third wave pioneer Stumptown; Portland has over , the vast majority of which are dedicated to producing meticulously sourced, small-batch, artisanal coffee. It’s also home to champion baristas (yes coffee-making is a sport, and unlike basketball and soccer, it’s one Portland is actually good at), three national coffee magazines (Fresh Cup, Barista Magazine, Roast Magazine), the hottest coffee gear inventor (Able Brewing), and one of the best coffee equipment stores (Clive Coffee) in the country. Food lovers already make pilgrimages to the City of Roses to gorge on the abundance of heavily-hopped craft beer and mossy farm-to-table fare. But they should also be charting a course around the city’s top caffeine slingers.

We’ve taken the cartographical heavy lifting off your hands by listing 10 of the best. Bonus: you can get to all of them, in one day, by bike. Ride there in the rain! It is the Portland way.

Written by Ruth Brown (@rbbrown)