The Culinary Sisterhood Fighting for Women in the Restaurant Industry

What happens when women restaurateurs band together for a unified goal? The answer is exemplified in Regarding Her, a remarkable non-profit organization that emerged in response to the significant challenges faced by women in the restaurant industry. Under the determined leadership of women like Lien Ta and Kim Prince, Regarding Her (RE:Her) has transformed into more than just a support system for food and beverage entrepreneurs grappling with adversity; it has grown into a powerful network advocating for all women within the food and beverage sector. Family-run, women-led, and BIPOC-owned restaurants endured profound hardships during the pandemic.

Amid these trials, RE:Her emerged as a shining beacon, offering vital lifelines such as small business grants, mentorship, and survival tools. For business owners like Mayuko Easton, who tragically lost her husband and business partner just a week after opening their restaurant, Regarding Her offered more than just assistance; they provided a sisterhood that guided her on the path to success.

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