South Korea World Cup Team Pelted With Toffees After Returning Home

Ice cold.

After leaving the Brazil World Cup with no wins, the South Korean team arrived home to face bitter and angry fans.

Upon arriving at Incheon Airport, players were pelted with toffees. Yes, disappointed fans hurled toffee at the players as they lined up for photographs. 

Why toffee? “Go eat a toffee” is an insult in Korea along the lines of “get lost” or “screw you,” reports The Guardian.

This was South Korea’s first World Cup without a win since 1998 in France—an unacceptable failure that should be dealt with accordingly.


[via The Guardian]

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  • Shamik Chakravarti

    That is just pathetic. The team actually made it to the world cup unlike many who didn’t make the final cut.

  • Alex

    This is stupid. At least they should of got a ledlampen each

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