Here’s What Hooters Is Like in China


While catching up on all the latest bro news over at Bro Bible, we came across this video from a Hooters in Chengdu, China. It seems pretty similar to the ones here, except that they sing a song we’ve never heard, and the menu has these deep-fried oysters.

This isn’t the breastaurant chains first foray into China. Here’s a local news segment about the opening of Hooters Beijing from 2008. The reporter says, “I think this is one of the signs that American culture is spreading to China.” You can say that again!

The real question is this: Are the rules for not being creepy at Hooters the same or different in China? How to cultural norms affect the behaviors of the breastaurant creeper?

If some college senior isn’t writing a thesis about this topic right now, we might as well give up on academia all together.

[via Bro Bible]

  • Christopher J Schaaff

    I’d bang all these Asian sluts one time in their poopchute for ‘Murica!

    • Snigger

      bet u will never have the money to travel to china

      • Christopher J Schaaff

        Been there twice. I gave some chick The Cream of Sum Yung Guy

        • Johnny Splooge

          Her dad, he called Sum Cunt?

          • Christopher J Schaaff

            He had Sum Dum Hoe

    • Nanson Hwa

      The way you talk, I don’t believe you have the character or the looks to attract these so called Asian “sluts.”

      • Christopher J Schaaff

        Ahh but I do. Asian sluts love American money

        • Nanson Hwa

          The grand delusion and self grandeur are not in the same category as earnest money.

          • Christopher J Schaaff

            Me so horny!! Me love you long time!

    • lancer collies

      Same here!! Line up all these chinese chicks, bend each one over and ram it in the backdoor while she’s chattering!! Do to the chinese what they’re trying to do to America!!

      • Christopher J Schaaff

        Fuck yeah Lancer! Let’s creampie these Asian poopchutes!

      • Christopher J Schaaff

        I wanna creampie these sluts bruh

  • Joe pesci

    That’s my kind of hooters. Hot asian girls. Not slutty girls who swoon drunk men take their money then leave.

    • Christopher J Schaaff

      These sluts like to suck a dick Cantonese style

      • Nadia Woodhouse


    • 7341662 .

      You got that right! Every guy loves hot Asian girls, because they are the best!

  • smooth edward

    Don’t you actually need to have hooters to work at Hooters?

    • 7341662 .

      Looks like those Chinese girls have nice bodies. The American chicks are all too obese — with fat saggy asses, and the American Hooters girls all look like fat cows with fake, silicone tits. The Chinese girls are cute, hot and tight looking!!! :-) And their cute shapely little asses in those tight orange satin hotpants give every guy a boner!! :-)

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