Watch Idiots Attempt Epic Food Challenges (So You Don’t Have To)

Enter the bizarre world of food as frat-boy entertainment.

The Gauntlet Challenge

Challenge: Eat six habanero peppers, 15 Warheads, two spoons of cinnamon, a mound of Mentos, a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke, and a gallon of milk.

What happens when you try it: Hail the motherload of all food challenges, in which you get a little taste of many existing food challenges, including the aforementioned cinnamon and milk chugging challenges. Be prepared to sweat, curse, hyperventilate, and vomit if you dare to be so bold to take on this challenge.

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  • Andrew

    My favorite dumb food challenge is coke and mentos, accomplished in brief, glorious fashion by this dummy.

    • Chris S

      @200785c93f02b93ef9433ef38ad4d4ca:disqus hhahahahaha. YES.

  • Guest

  • Alvarez Laina

    must watch this


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