Watch Idiots Attempt Epic Food Challenges (So You Don’t Have To)

Enter the bizarre world of food as frat-boy entertainment.


In light of semi-recent sad events—namely, a 19-year-old Virgina resident slipping into a coma after chugging a quart of soy sauce—we decided to take a look at other popular food challenges that you should never actually try at home. No matter if it's eating a tablespoon of cinnamon, or chugging a gallon of milk in an hour, these moronic dares usually result in one of two things: choking and spitting the food out all at once, or straight spewing.

Watch following videos to exlpore the amazing variety of food-related challenges out there, then carry on eating like a normal person. You've been warned.

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  • Andrew

    My favorite dumb food challenge is coke and mentos, accomplished in brief, glorious fashion by this dummy.

    • Chris S

      @200785c93f02b93ef9433ef38ad4d4ca:disqus hhahahahaha. YES.

  • Guest

  • Alvarez Laina

    must watch this

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