#Whaling Is the New Owling, and It’s About to Take Over Your Local Grocery Store

The newest viral video trend has Vine users jumping out from behind objects, Free Willy-style.

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GIF via Perez Hilton

First there was planking, then there was owling and Tebowing, and now there’s “whaling.” You know that a trend has taken over when even Kathy Lee and Hoda are doing a mediocre version of it.

In the whaling videos, Viners jump from behind objects, breaching like orcas. It’s ridiculous, but you won’t be able to stop watching.

Our favorite “whaling” vines take place in restaurants and grocery stores. If you go to buy a bag of kale, you never expect to see a human whale flinging himself across the room. Give us a week, and we might just try this at Whole Foods to scare off yuppies.

Scroll down to see the best and worst “whaling” Vines on the Internet so far.

The Good

…And The Terrible

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