Video Of The Day: Hilarious Reactions to an Ice Cream Truck That Only Has Fruits and Veggies

Veggie Ice Cream Truck png

Hearing the jingle of an ice cream truck rolling through the streets on a hot summer day is one of the most refreshing things to hear. Nothing beats the heat like an ice cream’d-out Spongebob on a stick with gumball eyes. With those expectations in mind, broccoli may just be the worst thing that an ice cream man can hand you after you order that Spongebob pop. And well, that’s exactly what seasoned Youtube prankster, Roman Atwood, did.

Riding around in his faux-ice cream van, false-advertising the likes of Choco Taco, Chipwiches, and Firecracker Popsicles, Atwood handed his customers broccoli, cucumbers, bananas, and apples, all served on popsicle sticks. Hot, ice cream-hungry costumers were shocked, unsure of what to do with these healthy veggie offerings. One kid even revealed that broccoli tastes like cheese and rotten eggs—we’ll take his word for it. He knows that eating broccoli in the summer is for losers.

In the end, Atwood delivered the ice cream—and for free—but his customer’s initial reactions are good for a laugh.

  • ollmy

    the worst part is they are giving away healthy food for free, which actually costs more than the shit that they sell for $2 and call ice cream.

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