Twitter Reacts to a Trash Can Full of Perfectly Good Popeyes Biscuits

You would have thought someone died.


In a world stricken by hunger issues, wasting food is a selfish act. But wasting Popeyes biscuits? That’s grounds for a trip to the Hague for crimes against humanity.

Yesterday, a photo emerged of a trash can filled with what appear to be perfectly good biscuits. Unless someone accidentally poured poison on them, there’s no good reason for them to have ended up in such a tragic state.

Needless to say, the people of the Internet were not happy, and they took to Twitter to voice their concerns about biscuits, justice, and the future of America:








  • Jamal

    “Obama gotta speak on this” – lmfaao niggas got no chill, that tweet had me dying.

  • Frank Torres

    This is a funny post but it does always make me sad to see food go to waste.,,

  • TopBananas

    “big_business_” comments got me dying

  • yxs25

    Popeye’s biscuits are disgusting. I took one bite and it was like taking a bite out of a stick of margarine.

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