Twitter Reacts to the Return of Ramps, Morels, and Fiddlehead Ferns

Foodies gone wild!

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  • File under: What happens when white people listen to Watch the Throne while grocery shopping.
  • Not the only thing that'll be poking thru, nahmean?? #morelboners
  • Replace "ramp season" with Spring Breakers and all the hashtags with #boobs, and this could be every college kid in the country.
  • Trust a donut shop to NOT get excited about ramps.
  • We'll get cracking on that as soon as we're done with
  • Note that the Twitter account @AmpedForRamps exists.
  • Some in-season REAL TALK from AZ.
  • It's times like these when these when you have to praise Jah for the Twitter character limit.
  • This guy just won himself some targeted ads for things that only people in Brooklyn care about.
  • In..the...mother...f**, son.
  • Important information for mooks everywhere.
  • Not going to lie—this actually got us excited about ramps.
  • Hopefully they included some Prozac in the shipment.
  • FINE...David Bouley is allowed to get excited about nutty morels. He has a G pass.
  • #influencer #art
  • What?
  • Foraged porn is what we called the Playboys we used to steal from our friend's dad.
  • The perfect last meal for an April execution.
  • Give this man a TED Talk, stat.
  • In the words of Ray J, "I hit it first."

T-Pain might as well perform at the Greenmarket this weekend, because spring has officially sprung, and that means one thing for the CSA-loving gourmand: the return of ramps, morels, fiddlehead ferns, white asparagus, and the other seasonal delights that mark this fleeting time of year.

Committed foodies have been on #RampWatch for weeks now, foaming at the mouth for restaurants announcing their first haul of the goodies. Well, it seems like the wait is finally over, as our Twitter and Instagram feeds have been consumed with photos of curly fiddleheads and dramatic proclamations of love for fava beans and such.

For excitable locavores, it’s the greatest time of the year. But for those who think the spring veggie hype has gotten out of hand, it can be hell. Here, we take a look at some reactions from both sides of the issue.

Click through the gallery above to see how the Twittersphere has reacted to the return of the greenmarket bounty.


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