Thong-Wearing Florida Woman Goes Ape Sh*t at McDonald’s, Only Stopping to Stuff Her Face With Ice Cream and Fries

Only in Florida.

Thank you, Gawker, for bringing our attention to the story of a thong-wearing woman in St. Petersburg, Florida who went absolutely ape shit at McDonald’s.

The nearly-naked woman banged her head on the counter before trying to tear the kitchen apart with her hands. She shoved cash registers off the counter, flung trays across the room, and tipped over a huge refrigerator. Her grand finale involved eating soft-serve straight out of the dispenser, and stuffing her face with a handful of fries.

McDonald’s employees posted the uncensored security video on LiveLeak, and the video has already reached over 370,000 views since Sunday.

We don’t know what set off the topless woman, or why she felt the need to bring down McDonald’s, but does it even matter? Watch the spectacle for yourself in the NSFW video above.


[via GawkerLiveLeak]

  • BasedRonald

    Didn’t even need to tell us that this was Florida.

  • Ok?

    Was it that funny though?

  • Hella….

    Yeah, sweet. Because apparent mental illness is hilarious, right?
    To the people who find “this b*tch funny” – suck it up. Shes going to have a grrrrreat recovery.

    Thanks kids. Laugh a little more so one more person can off themselves due to mass internet humiliation.




  • say what

    Either mental illness or PCP

    • Jerry M Davis Jr

      Most likely was on PCP

  • Anderson Hill Bryant

    I feel like this has to be the same crazy woman from this video, she goes fucking super saiyan on a McDonalds drive-thru. Wild hahahahaha!

  • Michał Pietrusiński

    And how is that nobody cared to react?

    • doodoobutter

      uh, I feel like no one on this shift gets paid enough to react. plus the whole her being naked thing – that has sexual assault written all over it, should she choose to press charges after being physically subdued.

    • King Kong

      If someone would of reacted especially being black or latino they would of been arrested, shot and possibly killed for endangering that poor white lady

      • Jackie

        Typical…….bring race into something where it doesn’t even belong! You’re the reason why racism still exists!

        • Carl Dj-Avemcree Nollie

          ok zimmerman

    • x97sfinest

      Would you confront her?

  • seriously

    why didn’t the manager or employee who worked there dial 911? she should have been arrested for indecent exposure, destruction of property, disturbing the customers, loss of income while everyone was gawking. If I owned that franchise the employees would be in trouble for not immediately calling the authorities, and for posting the video surveillance and laughing about it. this is pathetic, not funny. what the heck has happened to moral responsibility in America?

    • Jara Krys

      Why do you assume the manager didn’t? They obviously did as they stayed away from her until the cops arrived. The cops take a long time to arrive to an incident, especially where they may need more than one car to show up. And I find it interesting how most comments who are negative to the employees do not realize they are using their phone to record a security tape AFTER the incident has occurred.

    • Twan

      The video of them viewing the footage was old it happened last week monday they were just recounting the feed from the incident

    • Ballsmahoney

      CAuse graveyard shift at minimum wage at mcdonalds are gonna give you any good morals. They probably were astonished and probably some teenagers(who usually work at mcdonalds) laughed and recorded it. I would have too… Fuck work for 10mins while I’m seeing this crazy ass shit!

    • Anders Fulton

      because motherfuck motherfuck noise noise noise

  • Obama bin laden-bush

    Just typical Americans dirty scum of the planet just burn USA and the world will be a way better place Americans are dirty people and that’s a true fact so don’t deny it you shamed greaseballs

    • lol

      haha suck my dick.

    • Erika Zaas

      may your 72 virgins be heterosexual male rebel-flag wavers.

  • B
  • harvaam

    ‘meth’-not even once….

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