The Funniest Food Tweets of the Week

Check out one-liners from Chrissy Teigen, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, and more—plus, an epic Twitter rap battle feating Action Bronson and Any Milonakis.

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With the U.K. horse meat scandal making headlines this week, there were plenty of easy setups for Twitter slam dunks. But the jokes weren’t limited to topical humor, as food-tweet legend Curren$y fantasized about bedding women over angel hair pasta, and the folks from Big Gay Ice Cream fiended for a “dime bag of Nutella.” And then, of course, there was yesterday’s epic Twitter cypher between the epicurean MC Action Bronson and Andy Milonakis, featuring references to oysters, rillettes, and duck breast. Not all the punchlines were about food, but we’ve included the whole exchange here for your amusement.

Click through the gallery above to see all the tweets.

Shout out to @ruthbourdain, @RedMedicineLA, @chrissyteigen, @ActionBronson, @AndyMilonakis, @BigGayIceCream, @mykkym1, @DavidPrescott, @fredmadeit, @LouisVeeCEE, @mebeingfrank, @jordanarothman


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