The Best Restaurant and Bar Fights on YouTube, In GIFs

Because food and booze are obviously worth fighting over.

  • Just because you work at a drive-thru doesn't mean you're safe from a brawl. Where: A Toledo, OH McDonald's. (
  • You thought Denny's was a fight-safe zone? Think again. Where:  A North Hollywood, CA Denny's. (
  • Turns out bar security guards aren't too fond of underaged drunk kids. Where: A Boise, ID parking lot. (
  • Slo-mo plate throwing. Can't ask for much more. Where: A pho restaurant in Toronto. (
  • Tensions run high in this taco joint. You know it's a real fight because a bro has his shirt off for no reason. Where:  An unknown taco joint.(
  • Shout out to TruTV for supplying some hardcore bar fight action. Where: A bar in Odessa,TX. (
  • It's never cool to bring a shovel to a bar fight. Where:  A quaint strip club in Tulsa, OK. (
  • So... uh... a guy pulled a concealed weapon on a Dunkin' Donuts employee and pistol-whipped him, all over a botched iced vanilla coffee order. This is why we (or maybe just Florida) can't have nice things. Where:  A Dunkin Donuts in Lauderhill, FL. (
  • What's a restaurant brawl without a few flying chairs? Where: Blockheads in Manhattan. (
  • When a Steak 'n Egg meal gets ugly, chairs fly. Where: Steak 'n Egg Kitchen in Washington, D.C. (

Ever since the birth of bars and restaurants, drunk patrons and unfortunate waitstaff have been getting punched in the face on the regular. The bar/dining room brawl is an integral part of American culture and the myth of the Wild West. If an out-of-towner said the wrong thing to a local, it was commonplace to give him a stiff right hook, throw him down on the bar, slide him headfirst down the counter, and (best case) send him right through the wall. We’re sure you’ve seen it in the movies countless times.

These days, trashy scuffles captured on cellphones and uploaded to YouTube have replaced silver-screen bar brawls as our main source of vicarious thrills. So, naturally, we’ve created a GIF-tastic ode to this particularly unsavory—but compulsively watchable—corner of the Internet.

Click through the gallery above to check out 10 of the most outrageous/pathetic/bizarre restaurants and bar fights on the ‘net. 


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