The Best Instagrams and Tweets About People Getting Sh*tfaced on St. Patrick’s Day

If you aren't vomiting up green beer all over yourself, what are you waiting for?


Photo: Twitter/@desusnice

Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge what St. Patrick’s Day really is: a day to guzzle shitty green-dyed beer and vomit all over oneself.

Not everyone’s appreciative of the public debauchery associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but regardless, drunkards across the globe revel in the spirit of the faux-holiday.

Take a look at some of the best/worst tweets and and Instagrams celebrating St. Patrick’s Day tomfoolery—and reminding the rest of us to stay inside and lock all the doors.

This guy’s definitely going to try to make out with a leprechaun blow-up doll.

And green barf equals gorgeous sidewalks.

Yes, sir, yes you are.

Of course this dude’s name is “Vinny.” hulk SHIT IT’S THE HULK!

Throwing up blood is always a good goal to have at the start of the day. 

Don’t tell the people getting black out on a Monday!

Jason Stephens needs to be stopped.

Way to take the bastardization of St. Patrick’s Day to the next level!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! 


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