The Struggle Plates of Thanksgiving 2013

Don't feel bad if you burned the turkey—you weren't the only one to experience the holiday struggle.

  • " Someone asked if it was a frog. The reply was, "I'm working on improving my cooking skills." *faints*
  • "no walls.."
  • "#baethanksgiving"
  • "ready?!! THE HELL IT IS!!! #strugglebird"
  • "he cooked for bae and fam.. last mothalovin time"
  • "please sweet baby Jesus let this be a purple filter... looks like the spawn of Alien vs Predator"
  • "i see ya turkey..rocking that 'members only jacket'"
  • "*Mortal Kombat voice* IT HAD BEGUN!!! Cooking for bae day" is upon us!!!"
  • "honey glazed brick..thanks"
  • "turkey needs some imodium #baethanksgiving"
  • "*tears* lil bae looks so mad!!!"
  • "fixable?!!! how is this fixable"

Between Martha Stewart’s controversial food photos and the popularity of the @cookingforbae Instagram account, the stars aligned to make #struggleplate an official buzzword of Thanksgiving 2013. But while Martha was quiet yesterday after promising all her haters that she’d be posting plenty of Turkey Day photos, @cookingforbae went all out in the search for holiday struggle, mining Instagram for the year’s sloppiest stuffing, most misshapen pies, and oddest-looking turkeys.

While we support all endeavors to cook, regardless of how successful they are, we’re not going to front like some of these mutant Thanksgiving birds didn’t have us rolling around on the ground last night like demonic, schadenfreude-fueled fatsos. They also remind us that something always goes wrong when you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but at the end of the day, someone else failed even harder than you.

Click through the gallery above to see the most struggle-tastic Thanksgiving dishes of 2013.

All photos courtesy @cookingforbae—head to Instagram for more.

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