SantaCon is Finally Being Banished from New York City, Which Is Good, Because SantaCon Is For Mouthbreathing Goons

Or: This Is Why You Should Hate SantaCon.

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Today is like Christmas! But without Santa. And instead of being given things, things are being taken away. Not good things, like presents, but bad things, like roving packs of slobbery drunks who once a year make New York City an even dumber shitshow than it already is for no motherfucking good reason.

Yes, SantaCon is finally being banned. Really, it’s more like it’s being discouraged or less-tolerated. But it should be completely banned and punishable in the most draconian fashion possible.

In the event you’ve been lucky enough to have never come into contact with SantaCon, it’s basically a nationwide Day of Bar Crawl, with the meaningful, creative, and stunningly brilliant caveat that all involved will dress as Santa. Or elves. Or reindeer. Because Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day and unorganized local bar crawls just weren’t enough.

But finally, after years of oppressive idiocy overtaking our fair city’s drinking establishments in costume for one day a year, people are fighting back.

DNAinfo reports:

The NYPD’s Midtown North Precinct sent letters to about 30 bars, clubs and lounges in Midtown and Hell’s Kitchen earlier this month, urging the nightspots not to welcome participants in the annual daylong bar crawl for hundreds of bearded, red-and-white-clad revelers. “Having thousands of intoxicated partygoers roam the streets urinating, littering, vomiting and vandalizing will not be tolerated in our neighborhood,” [they] said to the bar managers contacted in the precinct, the borders of which are roughly bounded by 45th to 59th streets, between Park Avenue and the Hudson River.

Now, granted, this is bittersweet news, because nobody worth caring about actually goes drinking in midtown on the weekend, and it’d be of far greater import if the NYPD simply started arbitrarily detaining, questioning, and jailing some of these people for no good reason, especially downtown (it’s not like they don’t have the practice). But many New Yorkers are as wary of these people as we are: Eater NY helpfully made signage last year to prevent drunk Santasses from patronizing their establishments in costume.

Now, maybe you’re wondering: What’s up your ass, pal? These guys can’t be that bad. And technically, you’d be correct. They are not terrorists. They don’t kill people. And it’s ostensibly a charitable endeavor, since SantaCon tries to raise money for charity, or something. And charity is great. But here’s a better way to help people out: Stop being a drunkass and volunteer, or perhaps donate money. Do something that sets an example the world needs: Go be a runner, run a marathon, raise money for charity that way. Runners are obnoxious in totally different ways, but at least they don’t make too big of a mess and, you know, running. Running is usually good for you. Maybe play in a charity bowling tournament, and get drunk around heavy balls and slippery floors. That’s contained, that’d be fine.

Here’s what’s not fine: The assholes who already have little to no tact—and already swarm bars every weekend to get shitty with their brahs—dressing up as what is supposed to be this nice children’s icon and getting even shittier, and more tactless, en masse.

If you’ve ever been on Bleecker Street during Santa Con you probably don’t ever need to take acid because it feels like the worst acid trip ever taken inside of an advent calendar found in a trashcan off of Sesame Street, and one can only imagine what that looks like to someone under the age of six. Shit, SantaCon makes Beantown during Red Sox high season look positively civilized, and those people are goddamn animals. And look, we know, it’s not like the idea of Santa is some highly sacred thing that’s meaningful and not just some ginned up nonsense to fuel the hungry fires of capitalism every December that we need to cling to so desperately.

It’s not. Santa’s weird. Santa’s a fat recluse who employs a bunch of small people in desolate work conditions for 364 days a year, and for that other one, invades your home every December to give you hot merch off the back of a sleigh in exchange for cookies. Santa’s mad weird. Santa comes by every Christmas and does your mom.

But of all the things Santa does, at least he doesn’t give being a shameless drunk a bad name. Which SantaCon does. Which is really why you should hate SantaCon, at least on a cosmic level. But if you have no standard for shameless drunkeness, then you should simply hate the hammered santas for taking up space on sidewalks. And oxygen. For the children.

Fuck SantaCon.

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  • Flo

    Santa con is NOT a pub crawl, you clearly have not done your research. Yes a few drooling dumbasses ruin the image every year but that is not what the event is about

    • Cool

      Okay bro

    • Paul Nichols
    • coocoocoo

      A few drooling dumbasses? Go outside the day of SantaCon some time. This piece is dead-on. Fuck SantaCon.

    • CrackerJacker

      If by research you mean “have existed in NYC during the past several of these excuses to get shit-faced and belligerent”, we’ve ALL done plenty of research.

    • Johnny Ro

      Most things that are not pub crawls and not geared towards being raunchy have maps of bars to hit and dirty song books.

  • Kris kringle

    F**K this site. It shall be banished.

  • TheKeeganator

    Santacon is supposed to be about keeping it weird in a fun and silly way. about handing out weird n funny “gifts” to strangers on the streets, about singing goofy and yes sometimes naughty songs.. but it is NOT a bar crawl

    • coocoocoo

      Maybe it’s not SUPPOSED to be a bar crawl, but it sure as shit turns into one every single year.

    • Paul Nichols There seems to be an awful lot of organized bar hopping for not a pub crawl.

      • TheKeeganator

        which is why i said “supposed to be” it started out with drinking but the focus MORE on the other things. sad its the other way around now

    • ToBad

      But that’s not what it is. Maybe what it’s supposed to be, but it really is a mass of drunk people going from bar to bar, vomiting in street and subways, throwing can, cups, and bottles our subway doors in motion and not. Fighting Santas, crying Santas, alcohol poisoned Santas.

      • TheKeeganator

        You’re probably right. I don’t live in NYC and havent experienced it in years. It saddens me. When I first encountered Santacon in NYC in 2008 it was hilarious and made my day. People were having fun, dancing around, singing songs, wrapping willing bystanders in garland and tinsel, handing out goofy hand made presents etc. Sad that it is not like that anymore. I wish there were a way to keep that aprt of it alive or at least other options besides people getting pissed off and banning it is all.

    • Huh

      There’s a map of the bar crawl online every year for those drunks. What are you talking about.

      • TheKeeganator

        note the phrase “supposed to be” and do a little research before you get your internet panties in a bunch and get pissy at me. It started out as, and EVERY santacon site promotes it being MOSTLY about being silly, jolly, creative and spontaneous. YES this comes along with drinking. but there’s a difference between just drinking all day and becoming rowdy and sick and dressing up, singing, handing nice things to people to make them smile. You don’t get the latter at a bar crawl usually. I’m just saddened that more people chose to focus on the drinks an not the original intention / spirit of santacon. see Angela’s comment below too…

  • Grinchmas

    Santacon NYC 2012 alone raised over $45,000 and TEN THOUSAND POUNDS OF FOOD for charities (again, that is only the NYC Santacon, this is a worldwide event). What have you done? And do you want to compare the impact on the city of Santacon to the NYC Marathon, which shuts down large areas of the city including much of southern Central Park, and despite your denials leaves an immense amount of trash all over the place which taxpayers pay to clean up. Santacon is a drop in the bucket in comparison. But I guess if YOU don’t like something it should be banished from the city.

    • yeah no

      $45K…ok, the NYC marathon infuses NYC with millions of dollars in revenue from people coming to the city for the race, not to mention the millions of dollars raised by runners for charity.

      • Jesus

        Then lets include revenue for all the drinks and food from the revelers. 20,000 people buy 10 $8 drinks over the course of the day. Plus food.

        I like how you used revenue for the marathon but didn’t think to apply it to Santacon. Naughty.

        • dat_MF

          Bullcrap — tons of drunken idiots walk in & out of bars with small bottles of liquor that they sneak-in… most of them are NOT eating ANYTHING!!! I’ve lived in NYC for 25 yrs. I’ve worked as a DJ for 3 of the15 SantaCons (in years)… I see this happening with my own eyes. They stay in each bar for about 15 minutes, then move on… and they still find time to come up to the DJ booth to harass/bother me with stupid requests — Too bad I can’t knock these fukkers out cold…. I wanted to so bad! It was probably cool the 1st few yrs. — but it’s HORRIBLE now — good riddance!

          • durrr

            First of all your a DJ, if someone comes over to request a song or ask a question and it bothers you get a new fucking job, or at least a life. You sound like a total fucking tool. Second of all the people do spend a TON of money throughout the bars even though people bring in there own liquor, if they didn’t I’m sure as hell bars would have stopped letting them in after the first year. So stop crying like a little bitch and get over it.

          • lester jones

            stop playing shit music and they wont make requests

          • Santa

            I bring my own liquor on this day because you whiney, slow bartenders take forever and are usually under staffed to get me a drink.. which, means it’s crowded and you are raking in tons of cash. stop your whining, or move out of NYC

        • chainsawhandz

          PLUS RED BULLS!

      • little detail

        And requires millions of dollars to host

      • lester jones

        but youre a fat smoking out of shape pig that couldnt run one block. you can however wear a santa suit. yeah no

    • Lola Del Rey

      the food drive was discontinued because “it was a pain in the ass” .. their words exactly

    • lester jones

      damn right! what did the complaining douchebags do? NOTHING!

  • ThisSiteBlows

    Fuck this guy. Enough said.

    • TheOmegaPixel

      For reporting on the NYPD’s decision? Y’alright.

  • Mary

    Clearly its not just “this guy” who hates SantaCon. Its the NYPD. So if SantaCon really is doing all the great things you pro SantaConners are claiming, maybe work on having it live up to those ideals. Maybe work with the police and city to make it a real legitimate event. Have a designated area, have little to no drinking and maybe bring in needy kids. I’d love to see that. Cause, its all about charity, right? Right?! I would hate the marathon just as much if at the end all the runners were gross and loud and belligerent. Good Luck!

    • Paul Nichols

      All I know is that before I knew what SantaCon was, I had the misfortune to cross paths with it at South Street Seaport one year. Literally thousands of 20-somethings vomiting, drinking, urinating, and generally causing mayhem. The subway ride home was packed to overflowing with screaming, drunken assholes making as much trouble as they could. It wasn’t a few bad apples–it was the whole bunch. Good riddance.

      • robberttt

        maybe u should have a little fun and stop being a nerd u virgin.

        a loyal santaconist!

        • Paul Nichols

          If your idea of fun is vomiting, then I’m good, thanks.

        • gtfo

          Put down the bottle. You’re killing your brain cells.

        • Kris Kail

          This comment just screams high school idiot who never grew up. Not doing much to help your cause, are you?

          • OP Sucks

            Your still a liberal

          • chainsawhandz

            Please take the “e” from “Santa Clause” and apply it you your “your.” I’ll throw in a free apostrophe, y’know, because it’s Xmas.

          • lester jones

            smell my poo

    • Brian White

      You really just used NYPD as a judge of virtue?

      • lester jones

        number of people killed by nypd-100000. Number killed by santa-0.

    • Nick the Rat

      Maybe Foster is fucking a cop and hates listening to him moan because all the santas threw coal at him.

    • icy_t

      Spot on. I’m a loyal SantaConner for 5+ years, and I hate seeing how it’s becoming synonymous (at least somewhat deservedly) with drunken belligerence. If you want to see what SantaCon is (and should be) all about, show up for the first hour or two – the “mouthbreathing goons” aren’t really in effect until later. For that first hour, you’ve mostly got a bunch of people in costume (some of them quite impressive) who are just enjoying a little silliness in their lives. Hopefully we can figure out a way to carry *that* spirit through the day and eliminate the nonsense.

  • Santa Kevin

    This guy has obviously either
    a: been abused by santa a child,
    b: had his significant other stolen by one of these “drunk santasses”,
    c: got fired from being the mall santa for “innapropriate behavior” and is just bitter,
    Or d: or he saw mommy doing more than just kissing Santa Clause as a child and is still receiving therapy for it.
    Other than that, there is no reason that one person should have such negative feeling toward an event that he can easily avoid for the 1 day a year that is occurs. Take a Xanax dude and close your blinds. It will be over before you know it.

    • chainsawhandz

      I’m ashamed that we have an entire generation that thinks Santa Claus has an “e” at the end of his name. FUCK YOU TIM ALLEN! YOU’RE BANNED FROM NYC!

  • Deter Pinklage

    Zombie Con is still on!

  • Angela

    2013 will be my sixth SantaCon and not once have I urinated in public, vandalized, littered, or puked. I have, however, passed out candy canes and toys to children, I have hoola-hooped with strangers who for the day were my best friends, I have smiled and laughed a LOT, and I have enjoyed visiting different parts of the greatest city in the world during the most magical time of the year. Sure, there are jerks; they shouldn’t be tolerated. But getting wasted is not what it’s about, at least not for me. And there are worse things in the world than being in a crowded subway car with people who are happily singing. Because I don’t know if you live in New York but “crowded” and “singing people” happen there all the time. Get over it. I’ll get back to my mouthbreathing now.

    • deanyoungblood10

      You’re the minority.

      • April

        Dean, gay people are a minority. Does that mean we should take away all their rights? No.

        • patsypoe

          So sure, whoever is not a complete jerk can still be in SantaCon. Which is roughly 10%. But yes, no one has a right to be drunk in public. I have friends who live in Times Square and Hell’s Kitchen, and not one of them has had a pleasant experience with SantaCon.

          • b

            that’s what your friends get for living in times square

          • patsypoe

            Yeah, the only thing they have EVER complained about is how gross the SantaCon people are. That says a lot.

          • April

            I really doubt that, but sure. Do they go away every year during Halloween and NYE?

          • patsypoe

            Ha, very good point. They HIDE in their apartment on New Year’s. Halloween is not any more weird in Times Square than anywhere else in New York — still very weird.

          • April

            Lol there should be a free resort or hotel that NYers can go to on those specific dates; paid for by the ones who attend Halloween/Santacon/NYE parties.

          • April

            Patsy, I do not like crowds of rowdy drunken slobs who are pissing and yelling on the streets either. However, my point is that there are certain people who DO like to get drunk in large crowds, and I don’t think we should stand in the way of their fun just because we do not approve. Not to be rude, but my question is why do your friends live in the most populated area in NYC (Times Square) where I’m sure there are tons of bars and often drunk people? I find it strange that they choose to live in a city where there are bound to be lots of drunk people, and then complain about it. Are they really expecting peace and quiet in Times Square?

          • JustSayin

            No, fuck that, public safety and health override the desire to be part of a mob of drunken assholes. Sorry.

          • patsypoe

            They live in Times Square because they have a gigantic rent controlled apartment that’s eight hundred a month. They are theater-goes, in theater themselves, and they frequent local bars. The ONLY group they’ve ever complained about (except maybe slow tourists, and that’s practically the city’s official sport) is SantaCon. There’s drunk people and then there’s giant crowds of entitled assholes, most of whom, I’m sure, leave their own neighborhoods to act like douches in someone else’s.

          • April

            I mean I get that, and I don’t disagree that there are a ton of entitled dbags that attend this event. I don’t care for the event myself. However, I just think that there are always going to be people who disagree with this and that, but I don’t think we should take something away just because some people dislike it. For example, I hate St. Patty’s day because they block all the roads and there are always drunk people on the street, but I also understand that a lot of people look forward to this day (even non-Irish people) just because they want to have fun. My point is, there should be tolerance and not a hate article about how people who attend santacon are “tactless” and dumb. A lot of them are probably in college or in their early 20’s and if I were that age again I’m sure I wouldn’t mind.

          • lester jones

            so youre friends are self entitled parasites that complain about their good fortune. I’m sure they love the new years eve and halloween partiers.

          • JohnnyRo

            Can we just point out that urination in public and public intoxication are both illegal? I mean, I’m all for people having the right to get drunk in a large cloud. I did, however, witness a man dressed as Santa having sexual intercourse with a woman dressed like an elf in an unlocked bathroom in a family restaurant with lots of children eating there. I’m sure that exposing young children to that is totally within their rights, too.

          • Kris Noel

            youre a lying lurker troll

          • lester jones

            to be sure youre a retard. do santacon in harlem and spanish harlem. maybe they want the sea of money it brings

        • deanyoungblood10

          The fact that you are equating gay rights to a drunken bacchanalia shows that you lack a true sense of perspective on this issue.

          • April

            But you are trying to undermine a minority’s opinion just because he/she is a minority.

          • deanyoungblood10

            I don’t think you know what the word minority means or how it was meant in my original post….which says all it needs to about the type of people that would attend an event like this…

          • April

            Yes; I understand that you were saying Angela is a “minority” because she is one of the few who doesn’t act like a disorderly drunkard out of the many that do at these events…

            Just so you know I have never attended Santacon, but putting down others who actually DO attend this event and implying that they are “idiots” is beyond narrow-minded. Just because you don’t like it or agree with it doesn’t mean you should go around insulting others.

          • deanyoungblood10

            It’s an informed opinion. Nobody will EVER have the right to be a drunken idiot. It’s a nuisance, disruptive and theres an incredibly amount of liability that goes along with it. That’s why I don’t “agree” with it.

          • April

            But there are some people who find homosexuality to be “disgusting” and “disturbing” and don’t “agree” with it. There are also people who find interracial couples to be wrong. However, that is the greatness of America… that people have more freedoms than do many other countries. I’m definitely not condoning that people should get wasted all the time and wreak havoc, but I don’t think we should shut down events like this that some people really look forward to, and we definitely shouldn’t assume these people are idiots.

          • deanyoungblood10

            Again with this. Let me make this clear once more because it’s clear your education has failed you. There is a MARKED difference between homosexuality and acting like a drunken idiot. They aren’t comparable. At all. Nobody will EVER have the right to be drunk and disorderly. It’s disruptive and it’s merits are outweighed by it’s detriments.

          • April

            Clearly your education has failed you since you have to defend yourself by insulting someone else’s education level (which you know nothing about). There are ways to make your point without being a dbag. I bet these drunken Santas have more kindness than a bitter person like you trying to put down others behind your computer.

          • Brian

            “There are ways to make your point without being a dbag.”

            Are you sure? Because you’re the one comparing your Santa bar crawl to the gay rights struggle.

          • April

            Brian, I am not defending the Santa bar crawl as I have never been to one. I am simply defending people’s freedom of attending such events.

          • nicknormal

            Sorry dean but you lose this round. Your whole point is ultimately about “the right to be drunk and disorderly” but you open with “You are the minority.” You say one thing but ultimately mean another; you don’t say what you mean, and you use one point to obfuscate the other. Try again.

          • deanyoungblood10

            actually, they are two different points directed at two different people saying different things. Try again.

          • nicknormal

            Dear Dean, both of your “two different points directed at two different people” were directed at April. That’s one person, and you’re trying (desperately) to separate your points, but they’re both yours, and you should own them both (you still lose this round). Kthxbai try again kiddo.

          • nicknormal

            Dear Dean, both of your “two different points directed at two different people” were directed at April. That’s one person, and you’re trying (desperately) to separate your points, but they’re both yours, and you should own them both (you still lose this round). Kthxbai try again kiddo.

          • lester jones

            Santa doesnt get hiv from unprotected but sex. just sayin

          • lester jones

            so why is gay sex in bathhouses, public restrooms and public parks OK?

          • Alex Causin

            What the F**k is wrong with you? Everyone has the right to be a drunken idiot! This is the g-dd–mn USA! I’m completely serious about this. You don’t take away people’s rights because you don’t approve of thier behavior! I don’t approve of thier behavior either but I respect thier right to do as they please because this city and this country doesn’t belong to me or you but to all of us.

          • deanyoungblood10

            People absolutely do not have the right to be drunk and cause a disturbance in public. If you want to be a drunken idiot in your home please go right ahead. In public, it is not a right, and never will be.

          • lester jones

            have you ever heard of a bar or nightclub?

          • lester jones

            and youre an asshole

          • lester jones

            red wearing santas are a minority

          • lester jones

            Santa is red rights

        • Wow

          So you are a mouthbreathing idiot after all.

      • Dude Stop

        You’re the idiot who started a political debate from an article about “Santacon”…. STOP IT.

        • lester jones

          I blame the republicans and conservatives for santacon

    • OP Sucks

      Fuck whoever the hipster douche who was that wrote this article. Move your cardboard box off Bleecker street this year because the “request” to stop Santacon is not going to deter 5,000 people from coming to NYC for a bar crawl.


      A total Brah

      • lester jones

        fuck the williamsberg douche that wrote this. santacon will have 50K people this year. Any the Yankees, Mets, Jets, giants and Knicks suck balls

        • sonaliraq

          Fuck all you santacon suburban frat douchebags, everyone hates you.

          • Kris Noel

            fuck you in your ear assmaster

          • sonaliraq

            That’s assMISTRESS to you, loser

          • a random black guy

            I’d like to ream your butthole

          • lester jones

            Therefore all the Santas who live in the city or are not in frats (99% of them) are free to piss and shit on your stoop and make out with your sister and wife while you watch, horrified

        • a random black guy

          Great spelling, douche rocket

      • a random black guy

        Signed ,

        a total trust fund Brah

    • Gal Cohen

      There is so much hatred towards it. And yes, while there are a select few that don’t know how to act in public when drinking (no different than any day of the year!) the majority are out having a good time, minding their own business. Put this guy in Times Square on NYE and lets see what kind of article he writes.

  • Deez Nuts

    You’re names ‘Foster Kamer.’ You clearly have no friends. Santacon isn’t very fun without friends. Tight butthole.

    • TheOmegaPixel

      “You’re names”? Oh christ.

      • YEP

        They’re already drunk clearly.

  • troll boy

    Sounds like Flo is the one with the hurt butt hole….

  • BuggaBew

    F@#$ Santa Clause, I hate drunken mobs as much as the next guy, but I’m always down to discredit this corporate shill. And you know what, if the NYPD doesn’t want people drinking and pissing in the street, why not lead by example and call off St. Patricks day festivities. Then when they want to end someone else’s good time they’ll have a shred of credibility.

  • Chris D

    you’re a scroogy goon. go fuck yourself. santacon is the epitome of what’s good in this world and you want to ruin it because you can’t or don’t want to understand it and JUST HAVE A GOOD FUCKING TIME! so, again, go fuck yourself and do something else that day if you hate it so much.

    • Foster Kamer

      Cool story bro.

  • Craig Roberts

    santacon is going no where. my best friend is one of the main leaders of this joyous event. NO BAR WILL TURN DOWN MONEY. further more santacon is it the downtown to village area. no one is uptown, i have no idea where the hell you got your info from but your an idiot. SO EVERY KNOWS SANTACON NYC IS GOING FORWARD, AND THE MAIN EVENT AREA IS FANTASTIC. DEC 14 THE FUN BEGINS SEE EVERYONE THERE!

    • TheOmegaPixel

      The irony in your “your an idiot” comment is astounding.

  • Craig Roberts


    Santa wears a costume. Full. Head-to-toe. Holiday themed. None of that “just a hat” bullshit.

    Santa gives to charity. Donate $10 to Santa’s Charity Drive HERE.

    Santa spreads JOY. Not terror. Not vomit. Not trash. Would you want those under YOUR tree?

    Santa gives gifts. NAUGHTY ones for grown-ups, and NICE one for kids.

    Santa’s nice to kids. He makes them laugh, not cry…BECAUSE HE IS SANTA CLAUS (DUH).

    Santa respects the city. Santa doesn’t piss on the streets, start fights, block streets, climb on cars, or deface property.

    Santa comes prepared with comfy shoes, cash, a Metrocard, and layers of clothing for frosty winter weather. Get tips from grizzled veteran Santas HERE

    Santa stays safe. Santa does not drink more than Santa can handle. Doing so endangers Santa’s self, Santa’s friends, and the future of Santacon.

    Santa is Santa! You are Santa. Santa is Santa. S

    • j.snoogans

      I have been witness to about 10 years of Santacons and I will say that a LARGE number of the Santas do not follow these rules at all. A lot of “just the hat” or some skanky dress and antlers. Try using the subway that day, the assholes on board will make you want to jump in front of the train.

      I have known a lot of people who did this 5-10 years ago, who loved it and helped do some charitable good. They have all quit because as it started getting bigger and bigger it got out of control and more and more assholes who were just looking to get shitfaced and grope a skanky reindeer started showing up. It is awful. It is abysmal. It is every asshole from every fraternity and every local-bar jerkoff you have ever met. Fistfights, vomiting, rape…. I am glad that the police is discouraging this!

      • Craig Roberts

        so in your head because it got bigger they stoped. so to your so called friends once it was popular they bailed. hippster fake wanna bees it sounds like to me. and yes there are some bad apples but not a large number of them. while you hide ina bar djing staying behind your booth you saw nothing. quoting your words ” It is every asshole from every fraternity and every local-bar jerkoff you have ever met.” this includes you so called friends then. next time you want to write your opinion, don’t keep it to yourself as it is only an opinion and its a wrong, misguided and self serving.

        • j.snoogans

          Or they were tired of getting molested by drunk asshole guys and getting vomited on. They didn’t stop when it became popular, they stopped when it got out of hand. I didn’t DJ, I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I did have to take the subway and walk around the street surrounded by hundreds of out of control Santa Clauses.

  • robbbbert

    who ever wrote this is a virgin.

    • Paul Nichols

      No, it’s just that whoever wrote it doesn’t need to get people piss-drunk in order to get touched…

      • DJ Careful Boi Swag

        Hey Paul. You’re gay.

        • Foster Kamer

          What’s funny about this is that—who knew?—an apparently very-real complaint about SantaCon is gay-bashing. So, Mr. “Boi Swag,” gonna have to ask you to reconsider.

          • DJ Careful Boi Swag

            I’m gay too!

            Don’t take yourself so seriously. You will die someday and then wish you hadn’t been so PC/ whiny your whole life. Grow a pair and have some fun!

          • DJ Careful Boi Swag

            Also- please document the gay-bashing complaints? I think you just made that up since, as a gay man, I go every year and have never been a victim of any of that. Can you please provide facts? Was that just made up? Maybe one day you’ll get invited bud!

      • durr

        Looks like Pauls a virgin too. Its ok you’re still welcome at santacon anyway.

  • deanyoungblood10

    Thank Christ. This amateur hour is an affront to the real boozers of the city. Stay at home, dress as Santa and get piss drunk off of 2 zimas you losers.

    • DJ Careful Boi Swag

      You’re as bitter as the writer of this! “Real boozers?” LOL what are you, 16?!

      • deanyoungblood10

        How does that make any sense? The 16 year olds are the ones who can’t drink. They ruin St. Patricks day too. If you participate in this, you are one of the dregs of society and you should leave this earth. Learn how to drink.

        • DJ Careful Boi Swag

          Yeah, I am just saying I used to care where people drank/ called them lesser boozers than me when I was in high school.

          You are clearly bitter about something, maybe you will get invited somewhere…someday?

          • deanyoungblood10

            Whatever it is, I hope it’s not Santacon. Love the go to insult. I don’t like an corny event that’s full of douchebags who don’t know how to handle their liquor and cause a nuisance so I don’t have friends. Sound logic. This is amateur hour, clear and simple, and it’s shit like this that ruins everything for everyone else. Grow up, get out of your parent’s house and learn how to handle your booze.

          • DJ Careful Boi Swag

            Pretty sure anyone living and working in NYC is an adult. Just because I like to have fun doesn’t mean I “live at my parents house.” I work hard all year, and if I want to attend Santacon, I will. And I usually have a great time.

            Or I could whine about the people out there having fun, call them douchebags and sit at home. Not sure why my initial choice is considered wrong?

            Have fun!

  • jhay

    You all need to chill out. Take a pill. And go get laid. Not to even harp on how biased this article is, you’re being a fuckin’ killjoy. Occupy lasted months, trashed downtown Manhattan, left thousands arrested, and raised $0. If people wanna dress up in Christmas paraphernalia and go drink ONE night out of the year, let them have at it. Its all in good fun. And it does raise some money for a cause. But I suppose people should all learn to be more civilized so as not to offend your overly sensitive sensibilities, right? Give me a break. People work hard during the day, and let loose at night (or in this case, all day as well). As they should be allowed to. Christmas is a jolly time of hear. Go out, drink, and be Merry. Stay thirsty, my friends.

  • akynos

    Fuck you! I love santacon! Noooo!

  • DJ Careful Boi Swag

    Wow could the writer of this be any more bitter? People like to have fun, get over it. Sorry if you were picked on or something, but no need to blast others for going places you don’t like to go or participating in events you hate.

  • Slipnslide08

    The only reason you could possibly hate Santa con is because you never got to do it bc you probably have no friends. Don’t hate on something that is charitable and let’s adults go out, dress up, and have fun. There’s nothing up your ass, you’re just a certified hater. I am super glad it’s not really canceled. Not everyone that dresses up and goes is an asshole, some just like to ruin things for the rest of us. Basically I’m saying you’re a racist (not against any race in particular, but against Santa con) in terms of judging everyone based on what you don’t know. Don’t knock something till you try it.

    • SheSaidRacistLOL

      You lost everyone at racist.

  • John Newsome

    The writer of this article sounds like he used to wear a Santa suit and accidentally peed on his own leg while vomiting on 9th Ave and 43rd street so he has now soured on the whole Santa con frivolity, and yes people do drink in midtown on the weekend. You non native new comers to the city would have been amazed at what used to go on in this city, was enough to make you wish to see a herd of drunken Santa’s.

  • Sigh

    God… you epitomize all that is a lonely loser.

    • Foster Kamer


  • BT16

    Who ever wrote this is a straight up pussy. Fucking loser. I’ve never participated in Santacon but I love the idea of it. You’re just a hater because you have no friends. Hippie

    • Foster Kamer

      Cool story bro.

    • Kris Kail

      I bet you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt with an Xbox controller in your lap and Call of Duty paused on the TV. Maybe some Mountain Dew and Doritos on your desk? You’re who I strive to be in life.

      • OP Sucks

        I bet your a fucking liberal douche twat

        • Kris Kail

          you’re gonna get a lump of coal under the tree this year you rude guy

  • Michael B

    Foster Kamer is a virgin.

    • Foster Kamer

      Only where it counts.

  • GrownUp

    95% of commenters would look back at this article in 5 years and say “oh I get it now.” …just have a little growing up to do.

    • DJ Careful Boi Swag

      I don’t think I’ll ever mind. I always remember…never take it all so seriously.

      I think it’s YOU who will look back on your life on your deathbed and wonder why you spent so much time caring/complaining.

  • RockyLanding

    Are the cops going to stop-and-frisk all the Santas? Hit ’em with a 250? It was 20 years ago that I moved out of NYC for the West Coast. When was it that all the fun drained out of NYC?

  • Foster Kamer

    Just curious: A bunch of pro-Santacon fellows are coming to this article from Facebook. Does anyone know which Facebook page they came from?

  • Anonymous

    Foster you really need too chyll out you are full of too much hate and anger to be healthy. Live and let live. Assholes will be around regardless of santacon or not there will always be some event if you do not like it move to South Dakota, you clearly do not enjoy life in NYC so why stay?

    • Foster Kamer

      I love it here. I just hate it when assholes think they have the right to ruin everyone else’s day once a year.

  • Drunk

    I’m assuming Foster is a dude’s name, but either way, it sounds like Foster needs his/her tampon changed

  • 52733

    Scrooge you Foster. Scrooge you hard.

  • MissWilliams

    Seriously?!? December the 14th will make my 6th Santacon, and I am broken-hearted and insulted by this article. Santacon is the most magical day of the year! It is a day for fun and laughs and silliness. And yes, there is alcohol involved. And yes, there are amateur Santas who cannot hold their liquor and embarrass themselves. But overall, Santacon is a ridiculously fun and funny day. The spirit of Christmas is joy and candy canes and giving gifts to kids and strangers and singing carols (in 3 part harmony!) and to me, Santacon is a day that truly embodies this spirit. Tis the season to be jolly, after all! This person clearly has no ho-ho-ho!!

  • DJ Careful Boi Swag

    Working so hard to try and ban a party. Talk about first world problems these people have!!

  • pietrocappello

    I hope all the santa-conians go out in full force as grinches so they will not be denied

  • AllMight_So

    You sound like a bitter, liberal, hipster shit hole scumbag. Your poor attempt at using rhetoric to make this article sound slightly witty and scholarly fails in it’s attempt to cover up what it really is: some loser complaining about people having too much fun.

    • nobodobodon

      Well put.

    • Kris Kail

      What’s so liberal about someone who wants to restrict other people’s rights to do things? The term liberal means “free from bigotry”, which means someone who would identify as a liberal wouldn’t hold prejudices against others based on a preconceived notion about them. If anything this article presents a conservative view, which is that of someone who doesn’t want to be bothered by the lifestyle choices of people who are different and would like to “conserve” their way of life for themselves and those around them.

      Try knowing what words mean before you use them, it’ll make you look smarter, or at least not dumb.

      • OP Sucks

        Fuck you liberal

        • gondry

          Aw. You mad, bro?

    • Foster Kamer

      Cool comment bro.

  • khs

    Wow you are a miserable human being. Just because you don’t enjoy something doesn’t mean others can’t. I’m sure there are plenty of things that you do that bother people to no end but you don’t hear about it because number 1 it’s none of their business and number 2 they have themselves to worry about instead of bashing you. I’ve never been to Santacon and I can’t say that I really intend to, but who are you to say that it shouldn’t happen. I too live in NY so I understand what it’s like, but it’s one day out of the year all in good fun where people go out and enjoy themselves if you don’t like it, stay home. I’m sure you would lead a much happier life if you weren’t so concerned with how others choose to spend your time and put your energy and opinions toward something more productive.

  • April

    I completely understand your perspective on why Santacon is annoying as hell and I have never participated in this event. However, what I fail to understand is why you CHOOSE to live in one the most liberal cities in the nation where there are bars on every corner. I lived in NYC for four years and there are tons of
    people who vomit and piss on the streets after a heavy night of drinking (not
    just on santacon day). If you don’t like it, stop complaining and move to a
    quieter city/town. Also, you say that these people who participate are
    tactless… the only tactless thing is your article that is filled with aggression and curse words. You also bash Santa as being a “fat recluse,” and say that “Santa comes by every Christmas and does your mom.” Is that not tactless? I am on nobody’s side, but if I HAD to choose, I would much rather surround myself with drunk happy Santas than a bitter person like you. And yes, people could be doing better things with their time, just as you could have been writing a more positive article instead of a hateful one.

    • Yuueediot

      Christ, you’re fucking stupid. Being in a city filled with bars doesn’t give you the right to endanger other people or be a fucking nuisance, you goddamn moron. What are you, 19? 20? No common sense, that’s for fucking sure.

      • April

        What are you? A 60 year old asshole? Yup. If anyone’s an endangerment, it’s hate-filled people like you with so much hostility. Stay bitter.

      • April

        Also, if you had any common sense you’d move the fuck out of NYC seeing as you don’t like a “nuisance.” Why would you live in one of the most crowded cities if you’re just going to whine about people.

  • Brian

    Last year was my first SantaCon experience. Not one of the thirty people I was with throughout the day threw up or urinated in inappropriate places. It was one of the best days of the winter for us. Stay on your porch and yell at small children you fucking scrooge

  • Ryan

    You’re the worst type of person there is. Plain and simple. Just another loser who doesn’t know how to have a good time and just wants to rain on everyone else’s parade. I fucking despise your kind. No doubt in my mind you’re some hipster scumbag who wrote that article in your little NYC loft sipping your venti chai tea, basking in your douchebag aura. I hate you and all that you stand for. Long live SantaCon!

    • Foster Kamer

      I drink black coffee. Long live your mother. She must be proud.

      • kelly

        I’m surprised you are mocking people for using the same hateful tone you used in your article.

        The most important issue here to me is that once again police presence is going to attempt to criminalize things that are legal. Sure, I may not be into participating in SantaCon, but I’m pretty dang into my right to do it if I’d like.

        People claim to love the colorful metropolis that is NYC, but then are so quick to get all NIMBY about things. Would you really prefer a New York where every single person is the same? If you are into the gentrified gated community vibe then move out of NYC. If you are into the vibrant colorful pulsing city vibe then expect that there’s gonna be some annoying debauchery now and then. It goes with the territory of a stage set for freedoms.

        • deanyoungblood10

          “The most important issue here to me is that once again police presence is going to attempt to criminalize things that are legal.” – just a quick FYI being drunk and disorderly and causing a disturbance isn’t legal.

          • kelly

            “just a quick FYI” Right to the sarcasm. Can you express yourself otherwise? You’re assuming everyone in the group is drunk and disorderly, which is not the case. Most likely the police are going to abuse their power to prevent anyone who is attempting to participate in the event from doing so, not properly use their power to arrest drunk and disorderly.

          • Kellysucks

            “Can you express yourself otherwise?” Is that a legitimate question or are you being sarcastic? Do you honestly think that the other poster is incapable of expressing themselves without the use of sarcasm? Personally I find sarcasm to be quite a useful tool. “Merry” Christmas.

          • Rudy Rane-Dear

            Also illegal, fornicating in public, urination in public, indecent exposure, bringing outside drinks in to restaurants and bars that strictly forbid it, fighting, loitering (AKA falling asleep in a stairwell of a building you don’t live in and thus must have broken in to). All these things are things I’ve seen in the past 2 years on Santacon.

        • lester jones

          No shit, isnt that why people live in jersey, long island and other suburbs-to have peace and quiet? If youre in Manhattan youre asking to be offended. Youre asking like Santa is a stabber rapist instead of a loveable drunk.

      • Brian White

        Well I’ve never dressed as Santa, nor ever attended any SantaCon, HAVE spent time in the city over the last 15 years, during all manner of events that attracted all manner of crowds, have a non-trivial job, don’t live in my mom’s basement, have a partner and a career and a life, do not often mouth-breath, can’t stand football or any other spectator sports, learn new things voluntarily for fun, am the person my friends turn to for help, be it money or just figuring out the hard problems or just willing and able hands,…and somehow I too essentially agree with Ryan here.

        I will be amused to hear how you attempt to explain this through some obvious dehumanizing losership in myself.

        You have a right to your opinion. And when you voluntarily put it out there in public, everyone else has a right to tell you just how odious it is.

        What a shitty shitty way to spend however long it took to dream up and write this brilliant work of blogsterbation. I mean you could have donated a pint of blood and saved a life, but you chose this. SO much more virtuous than dressing up in a silly costume!

      • lester jones

        Foster you are a horrible person that doesn’t deserve to share angry screeds, rants or diatribes with any thinking being. Santa hates you.

        • Foster Kamer

          Cool comment bro.

  • Dan

    I find it funny that the comments that get the most likes are the ones in support of this article, and not the inarticulate comments from the idiots supporting the drunken rampage known as SantaCon.

  • Foster Kamer

    Foster Kamer is a very boring individual…I enjoy SantaCon, bottle service at clubs, drinks on the beach, house events, private events, charity events and everything above. I believe in taking in a little bit of everything but it’s obvious that your generalizing. If you want to put a stop to something – perhaps it should be your columns as they are consistently one sided.

    • Foster Kamer

      You sound exactly like the kind of person that is generally wrong with everything.

      • DJ Careful Boi Swag

        You’re just a terrible person. Go back to your hipster HQ (a warehouse somewhere in BK I assume) and stop trolling.

  • Santa
  • MartinNYID

    It’s be-ginning to sound a-lot like Bloom-berg
    Ban-ning ho, ho, ho
    Trying yet again, to make everything in New York a sin
    To favor yuppies and their babies in tow…

  • bernard

    Sounds like somebody needs a hug.

  • Santa

    Well, I can’t speak for NYC, but I’ve gone to SantaCon (Santarchy) in Seattle for years, and I’ve not done any pissing, puking, vandalizing, littering, or anything else illegal. I’m not a drunk. Not much of a drinker at all really. I would never have been in some of the local bars had it not been for this event. My cousin even visits from the midwest for it most years. We have a blast. Are there some douchebags in the bunch? Absolutely, but they are by far the minority, and SantaCon in Seattle is generally self-policed. I have been treated much worse by the crowd at the annual tree-lighting at Westlake Center than I ever have at Santarchy. The tree-lighting produces more trash, more rudeness, and less good cheer than Santarchy. Maybe Seattle should cancel that, or the New Year’s Eve celebration at the Space Needle. If every major city canceled or discouraged or banished every event with large crowds, tourism would suffer. If SantaCon (or any other major event) isn’t something you want to participate in, fine, but don’t be an asshole to those of us who do enjoy it.

  • Mike Walsh

    I don’t think the author is wrong for finding the whole thing annoying, sad, disgusting, or anything else. I can totally understand why one would be turned off and/or bothered by the whole spectacle. But it’s this holier-than-thou attitude in this piece that I find off-putting.

    You can go to any big football game in America and likely spot someone taking a leak where they’re not supposed to, starting a fight, or projectile vomiting before passing out in a drunken stupor. Should we ban all drinking at football games, too? Any time you gather the masses and adjust their blood alcohol level, you’re going to have outliers that spoil the fun for the whole bunch. But SantaCon, the two times I went, was a great time. I met interesting people, got to take a break from the monotony of 9-to-5, and got to help out a good cause.

    My advice would be, next time writing a piece of this nature, try to not put down a group of literally thousands of patrons due to the antics of a select few. Comes off cocky, uninformed, and a little lame ;) Discuss the facts, share why, politely state whether you agree or disagree and let your readers form their own opinions.

  • Chris

    All great comments for and against. I am a former Santa Con’er I had a great time for a couple of years and then decided I was over it. But because I am not participating I would not stop someone else from doing so. Someone somewhere….now who was it??? Talked about the land of the free. Deciding to get drunk dressed as Santa sounds a bit like a ‘freedom if choice’. And the decision by the NYC PD sounds a little bit like trying to impose on an individuals freedom of choice. So whilst we are debating the pros and cons (ha ha) of this event, maybe we should consider the implications of a police imposed ban??? I may be included to join this year just to ensure my personal freedoms are not impinged. I won’t urinate in the street, which I accept is a crime, so I would expect to be able to do what the fuck I want – after all this is ‘merica! The land of the free!

  • AJ Dubyah

    Boohoo, sounds like somebody’s butthurt. I don’t know if you have a certain event that you like to attend and sometimes get intoxicated at, but I bet whatever it is, this same whiney pointless article could be written about it by only changing a few words and terms. Fuck whiney pseudojournalists who feel the need to bitch and moan about people having fun in a way that they can’t relate to.

  • Mm

    If this is banned the gay pride parade should be, Puerto Rican day parade and San genermo

    • April

      LOL might as well just close every bar in NYC and make alcohol illegal.

  • Jack Lin

    I want to share this article on my social media pages so I can draw further attention to this loser’s unorthodox (lack of a better word) views. But then again I’d probably be helping this jackass succeed in what I am convinced is his goal, to be Web famous for 20 minutes. Furthermore I’d like to read what other garbage you’ve written but out of the contempt I have for your grinch/joy oppressive viewpoints I won’t. I don’t want your # of views to go up. People if you disagree with this douche as much as I do, then just ignore this article. Rob him of his 20 minutes of fame that he strives for (probably from a lack of attention from his peers during the impressionable years of middle or high school).

  • SantaConLover

    After reading this, foster kamer is a loser who doesn’t know how to have fun. Just sit home and be The Grinch… not everyone is perfect, but don’t judge everyone by the actions of a few.

  • Gary

    You’re a bit of a miserable prick, aren’t you?

  • Santacon rules

    Go fuck yourself

  • Bstep

    This article just makes santacon look even more awesome. Haters gonna hate, slaters gonna slate!

  • feisty

    Try assholes dressed like Santa actively being rude and abusive to everyone including elderly, pets, and children.

  • FosterTheFunNazi

    The author of this article should run for Sheriff of the No Fun police. The fact that this bothers you so much is absurd. Imagine being a tourist seeing thousands of smiling kids dressed up as Santa having a good time? How terrible. If your argument is that the santacom goers get to sloppy and loud then perhaps write an article bashing NYC for having thousands of bars/saloons/clubs that promote sloppy behavior every night of the week. Go to 3rd ave at 2am on a Saturday, it’s Santacon without the costumes. Foster obviously had a miserable childhood – adult life if you can’t enjoy an event like this for one night a year. Probly the guy in class that reminded teachers to hand out homework on Friday afternoons when they forgot. Keep up the deuchbagery BRUH!

  • Julian

    “Bitter, table for one… Bitter! Table for one!” It’s sad that a few stupid incidents can ruin such a light-hearted event like SantaCon (we’ve had it here in Seattle for many years and it’s gone off extremely well). You’re always gonna get the drunken ass-hats who can’t handle their liquor, but saying “Fuck SantaCon” due to drunken disorderliness is like saying “Fuck New Years Eve” or “Fuck St. Patrick’s Day” or “Fuck the 4th of July” because they all result in drunken revelers, some of who can’t handle their liquor, piss in public, vandalize, etc… Doesn’t matter, though, you’ve made up your mind to be a Scrooge. “Merry” Christmas.

  • gobbledigook

    Yeah NO ONE wants packs of roving drunks running around NYC once a year… or on St. Patty’s Day, or for Gay Pride, or and other parade that goes on year-round in the city. Yeah, no one wants that! Obviously. Pretty silly that you have decided to wage war on a Santa party. We do Santa Rampage in Dallas and every year it gets exponentially more epic. It’s one of the glorious moments when the city can come together and merrily enjoy libations and make spectacles of themselves. On the contrary, some people do want that. I never thought NYC was any kind of shitshow the entire time I lived there. Thus I cannot take you seriously.

  • NIMBY Native

    Born & raised NYer, tended bar on the Lower East Side for 12 years, and avid haver of fun.
    That said? FUCK SANTACON. Seriously, why are all these broosevelts and theatre kids all asshurt that people who already live with a constant party happening around them 24/7 don’t want to put up with their previous displays of “cheer”? When I was a kid, my sisters and I would go read to younger kids at the hospital on Christmas. Don’t feed me this bullshit about how it’s charity, most of you motherfuckers weren’t here when it began as an art project to challenge the mundane and challenge people to interact with their environment and strangers in a different way. The problem is that now the mundane is frat boys and other party till you drop types are puking and partying all over the neighborhood EVERY DAY & every weekend. Do you really think you’re doing anything that really helps people or brings joy to anyone but yourselves? There are tons of actual well organized charitable holiday related activities that don’t involve even ANY fraction of the participants dissolving into embarrassing messes in the sidewalks. Oh, yes, you poor victims, no one wants to let you have what you consider a valid excuse to trample their community unchecked acting like it’s your goddamn birthday. Fuck you, fuck your friends, fuck your “cheer”, and I hope my mother keeps MULTIPLE pots of tripe water on the stove to dump on you tacky, wack, weak, boring, drunk assholes if you disturb my rent paying community involved senior citizen parents because you think you’re fucking special and cute. DIE YUPPIE SCUM!

    • lester jones

      fuck you nimby. Shit in your hat

    • Craig Roberts

      you live in the city that never sleeps and you complain about noise….your an idiot

  • MatchuPichu

    Whoever wrote this is a used tampon.

  • NoXmasSpirit

    What an awful article. Hope you get coal for Christmas or box full of vomit.

  • Getitgirl6

    My kids love everyone dressed up for santacon! We’ve never had any issues and have gotten tons of super festive pics!
    The $45,000 raised for Toys for Tots last year kicks ass too!

  • Banksy

    Ba humbug

  • Brian White

    I never had any interest on doing SantaCon until I read this stunningly petulant fuckwit complain about it.

  • Santa

    Wow. All those awesome photos! This will be my 13th SantaCon. I’ve never puked, urinated in public, been a douchebag or a brah/bro or anything else you’ve complained about. I have, however, donated food to the NYCarea Food Bank (total of 3 tons in 2011), helped raise $40k for Toys for Tots, tipped generously AND, as one bar owner said, helped Santa give him the most memorable day ever. It isn’t all assholes. Just a very small percentage. Like anything else.

  • Brian

    Those pictures look like a lot of people having fun. I want to go to Santacon. OH WAIT I DID! Like 5 times. Listen Ebeneezer Scrooge anyone trying to ban Santacon is tryin to take away the Christmas spirit, regardless of when it is….and if you guy a problem with that, then sit on it and spin ya D.

  • anthonymeans

    @foster_kamer:disqus shut the fuck up! new york is inherently one big pain in the ass. from traffic, bad smells, parades and moronic tourists to shitbag transplant writers who come to complain and critique. I think i speak for many natives when i say fuck you shitbag.

  • santaconfan

    the person who wrote this is ignorant and does not realize how events like this help to stimulate our ever destroyed economy. Santacon probably generates around 250,000 dollars in that day in sales alone from the bars. not to mention the public transportation, the food, and everything else they get. the writer clearly is annoyed because he thinks he will look stupid ……i guy named KRAMER dressing up as a female elf.

  • Ishik

    So, I’ve read a bunch of the pro/con arguments posted so far, and I just wanted to pitch in my two cents.

    My last experience of SantaCon can really be summed up by a 5-minute experience that occurred on the day in question:

    I was with my family riding the bus, which was packed to the brim with a myriad of Christmas characters. While we were trying to have a conversation, the Santas deigned to break into a rendition of “Deck The Halls”. Alas, a majority of them could not remember the words to the song, and their performance broke down to a whole lot of out-of-sync “FALALALALALALALALAFAFAFALALALAFA”. Needless to say, the overwhelming auditory onslaught of 40 drunk people screaming in a tight, enclosed metal tube rendered the idea of holding a conversation absolutely absurd. I decided to turn my attention out the window, where I had a perfect view of a man dressed as Jesus walking down the sidewalk. Now, the term “walking” is REALLY being stretched in this case, as the reality of what I saw was this man, dressed as Jesus, stumbling forward in an almost trope-ish depiction of inebriation. It was in that exact moment that he fell forward, flat on his face, right in front of a small child walking with her mother. Needless to say, the little girl was terrified, and clung to her mother in fear.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. What was that mother thinking walking with her small child on the sidewalk??? I mean, doesn’t she know it’s SantaCon! And for that matter, what was I thinking getting onto a bus?!

    And that, my friends, is the core motivation behind all those people who are glad to see some attempt to curb the behavior exhibited by many SantaConners. I am ALL for joviality and festivity, but not at the expense of public safety and social order. If a person can’t use public transportation without being subjected to a public disturbance that, on any other day of the year, would be cause for an arrest, or if a mother can’t walk the streets for fear of having her child traumatized, you’ve breached WAAAAYYYY past joviality into a much more destructive place. Keep in mind, this is a small window into a day where I also witnessed a plethora of garbage cans being kicked over, fights breaking out in the street, bottles being thrown through crowds, ambulance intervention, and yes, public urination and vomiting.

    All that being said, I can absolutely hear the other side of what’s being said. Having fun is important. In my opinion, one of the best parts of living in NYC is having the chance to experience a wide range of interesting and novel things. Yes, some of those experiences include other large events like parades and marathons that also lend to a lot of congestion and debauchery. And I will not deny that the day’s festivities probably garners a lot of revenue for the bars, bodegas, and perhaps even restaurants in these areas. Finally, if there’s a charity/donation portion to the event (although I’ll admit that I had no knowledge of such a thing and can’t really speak to it) that raises food and/or money for the underprivileged, that’s awesome.

    However, do any of these positive aspects require the event to play out in a manner that allows such rampant chaos as what actually occurs?

    If you really want to say you support the positive aspects of what SantaCon is about, why not work to bring the focus of the event onto these things, rather than allowing it to continue to be a day about being a drunken asshole in public, with complete disregard for everyone else around you.

    And if you really want to protect the rights and freedom of those who partake in SantaCon, why not take a moment to consider EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE CITY whose right to security, and freedom to go about their daily lives, is being hindered by those people’s actions.

    I don’t think it’s that authoritarian to impose a degree of order on an event such as this. Parades, marathons, street fairs, and pretty much all other public events go through the proper channels with the city to ensure that the experiences they provide don’t come at the expense of public safety and peace, so why can’t SantaCon do it as well?

    • Craig Roberts

      you have no right to security or safety, it is not in any document that YOU are safe. at no point in any place in the world does anyone have the right to safety. you do have the right to life liberty and the persuit of happiness. you do not have the right to tell others how to acheive this. new years,saint pappys day are huge drunkin feastivals and yet santacon is picked out interesting ……

  • cipher

    Shit, SantaCon makes Beantown during Red Sox high season look positively civilized, and those people are goddamn animals.

    Yes, they are.

    – Disgusted Bostonian

  • Matt-

    As a person who has lived in NYC for a pretty much all of his 31 years, i have to say SantaCon is just horri…no sorry let me fix that, most of the creatures that participate in the running around blasted off their asses are just beyond absurd. I’ve noticed alot of the counter arguments to the writer have been from out of town. I’ve seen someone say “its only one day get over it” when in fact, you end up finding people still passed out on stoops the next day, the random slag that is doing the walk of shame in a still drunk stumble. The screaming, pushing, arguing, fighting, “why are you looking at my girl” (news flash shes a half naked santa..obviously people are going to look “bro”). There are the street walking hordes that randomly shout in peoples faces for no reason. Try walking down streets and having to wait till Todd, Mark, Gary, Steve, Tyler, Erik, Dan, Tracy, Stacie, Jill, and 48234239 other people decide to block your passage home.

    Yes, anyone who has gone to bars anywhere has experienced any or all of these, but 1) it doesnt excuse it. and 2) thats like comparing a pimple…to a full on acne outbreak. I’m sorry but its just an excuse for a ton of people to be complete outright assholes. Unless you live here, you wont even begin to know. Try being a bartender during this “fest,” these idiots lack the ability to tip as well.

    • DJ Careful Boi Swag

      I live in Yorkville, and literally couldn’t get out of it all day for the marathon because the route blocked ALL of 1st ave in the UES. Should the marathon be banned? No, I survived surprisingly!

      Get over your first world problems, grow a pair…and maybe try having some fun!

  • Michael Kelly

    Sounds like you never had anyone to hangout with on Santacon. Don’t be bitter, brah.

  • Joey

    Well maybe if the guy who wrote this article wasn’t a loser back in high school he would realize that a lot of people get drunk on this day and also very important people not just stupid drunk kids adults are part of the party too

  • Joanna

    U sound like a miserable human being who is so good at being judgemental you forgot how to enjoy life and stop being so pretentious. Give me a break. Everyone I went to SantaCon last year with we’re medical professionals who…get this… Help people for a living. Don’t act like people who go out and do random fun stuff are degenerates. It’s NYC that’s what makes this place so great. The ability to be yourself and do random things.

  • John

    Hey foster ur a faggot

    • really?

      thats really not nice

      • Dude Stop


  • DJ Careful Boi Swag

    What do you know?! Liberal hipsters trying to ban something? NO WAY?!

  • Nick the Rat

    Foster Kamer = fun hating jew or just a nazi?

    • Johnny Ro

      Very reasonable argument.

  • Joe

    I’m going to guess that you started this blog when your friends stopped hanging out with you because you complain too much

  • Mike Axelrod

    Zzzzzz. No one tries to break up your whining hater conventions when you dingleberries get together and do whatever lame pastime you do for fun. Why don’t you volunteer to suck my dick? I can only hope that when next I urinate, I urinate unto thee!

  • Christopher J Schaaff

    I’m stoned

  • John Johnson

    Next to be cancelled is St. Patrick’s Day.

  • chainsawhandz

    Reading the comments here from Santacon supporters has lead me to believe that the real Santa Claus isn’t spending his time making a list or checking it twice–he’s on his computer typing “you’re a virgin” at anyone who disagrees with him.

    • Dude Stop

      Says “chainsawhandz” via his computer while jerking off to pictures of rabbits.

      • chainsawhandz

        Holy shit, dude, that was brilliant. Tell me more about rabbits.

        • Dude Stop

          Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world. Wikipedia

          But.. you obviously already knew that I think.

          • chainsawhandz

            I pulled off a random rabbit picture from the internet to make my avatar, so of course I knew that.

            Oh shit, you just tricked me into saying “I pulled off a random rabbit.” You are killing it today.

  • livjot

    Why u mad ?

    Im not crazy bout santacon either..but im not wasting my life and time writing about it.This aint even journalism.get a life..and write about what u love instead of what u hate.

  • AntEater

    Pull that 12 foot flag pole out of your ass and suck it you cosmopolitan socialist

  • Santacon participant

    Shut the fuck up Foster

    • Foster Kamer


      • Dude Stop

        Shut the fuck up Orphan

  • a

    If they’re going to ditch SantaCon, they should ditch the St Patrick’s Day and Puerto Rican Parades for the same reason.

  • leftyluie

    I understand that there are some negatives to this event, but those come with any big celebration revolving around alcohol. Why aren’t St. Patty’s Day celebrations also being “discouraged”? It’s the same type of event, the only difference is there’s a ton of green instead of red. I think the public should be a little more tolerant, these types of event bring in a huge revenue for small businesses in their communities.

    Speaking from personal experience since I live near Bleecker Street, I think you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for a comparative like ” the worst acid trip ever taken”. There are people in bars at all hours of the day causing some kind of ruckus in this neighborhood. The fact that these people are dressed up in festive costumes makes it all that much more amusing and “tolerable”.

  • leftyluie

    I understand that there are some negatives to this event, but those come with any big celebration revolving around alcohol. Why aren’t St. Patty’s Day celebrations also being “discouraged”? It’s the same type of event, the only difference is there’s a ton of green instead of red. I think the public should be a little more tolerant, these types of event bring in a huge revenue for small businesses in their communities.

    Speaking from personal experience since I live near Bleecker Street, I think you’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for a comparative like ” the worst acid trip ever taken”. There are people in bars at all hours of the day causing some kind of ruckus in this neighborhood. The fact that these people are dressed up in festive costumes makes it all that much more amusing and “tolerable”.

  • tacotuesday

    Im pretty sure Marathon Runners piss in the streets as well and soil themselves while running. Being A participant in both I never stay out that late to see this stuff happen, yes you have a bunch of assholes but that goes a long with any City wide event look at marathon monday in boston or the tokyo marathon people go out and watch the runners and literally sit there all day and drink. Stop crying deal with it, if the bars want to they can turn away service if it is that bad.

  • John Andrews

    This article is complete rubbish. I have not actually partaken in Santacon yet, but from what I have gathered it looks like one of the most popular events in New York City. If you can’t go out and join in on the Santacon festivities you seriously need a self-improvement day to reevaluate your social life, charisma, and likeability. Quit squawking from the other side of your computer and get yourself out there! Complete RUBBISH!

  • Tom

    I plan on attending and getting sloppy-drunk, santa style. What is your argument for Saint Patty’s day, Thanksgiving Eve, etc. that promotes thousands of drunks roaming the streets enjoying their day off in the city? Let’s start banning holidays too while we’re at it and ruin all the fun for everyone. Right? …….right? um no.

  • Shazziz

    I HATE SANTA CON!!! I have been a resident of the EAST VILLAGE for over 20 years and this is the WORST DAY EVER. “Sexy elves” barfing in my building’s entrance and weeping “sexy santas” on my curbs because their Santa boyfriends are being douchebags. Santas who step on my dog as I’m trying to make it around the block. It’s AWFUL and should totally be BANNED.

    • Dude Stop

      Well.. thats why I try to have sex with the “Sexy Elves” before they barf DUH!!!!

  • Brendan Dennihy

    This writer must have been touched by a mall Santa when he was a young boy. Or maybe he is just mad at the world because his parents named him Foster.

  • Hah

    This guy is dumb all holidays and events should not be allowed all that crap happens on any holiday or event

  • T

    Thank god this is over. Sorry, but I actually live in NYC (which the majority of people commenting can’t say) and no native New Yorker likes this. These people swarm the city, get drunk, vomit in public parks and on subways, break private property, and are overall rude and dangerous. It’s basically a swarm of people from New Jersey and Long Island who come into the city just to piss everyone off. It would be fine if it started at say 9pm, but you’ll find drunk Santas on the sidewalk on your way to work in the morning. No thank you.

    • Dude Stop

      You’re a joke. I live in NY. Thus, you’re comment and opinion are VOID.

  • lester jones

    foster kramer and first we feast are joy hating assholes. everyone loves santa. call the ny mayor and police commissioner and tell them you love santa. the bars that will lose out on 1 million in business will be the ones hurt

  • Rick

    Hmmmm, Ill definately comment more on this when im not on my phone… But, it certainly sounds like someone got beat up on too many times by the football team in high school…. Just sayin

  • Mouth Breathing Goon

    You probably drink wine and read books at bars with your glasses halfway down your nose. And I can almost guarantee that you own cats.

  • Alex Causin

    I am appalled by how people in my city are actually massive douchebags who hate fun. I apologize to everyone on behalf of New York and assure you all that not every single person in NYC is a horrible asshole who’s dramatically failing at life.

  • Rob

    Foster Kramer must have no friends

  • Rob

    RSVP for SantaCon 2013 with link above!

  • Mike

    St. Patrick’s Day is so much worse. Good luck with that one though.

  • Johnny Ro

    The following things that people claim that santacon-ers are within their rights to do are illegal and subject to fine or arrest: Urination in public, public intoxication, drunk & disorderly conduct, lewd conduct, fighting, sneaking outside liquor in to bars, drinking in public, marijuana use. Outside of that, have a blast. It’s not about getting hammered guys it’s about enjoying the revelry of the season, right?

  • Derek Torp

    Hey author what do you enjoy? I would like to bash that too just because it’s not in my interest. Get some friends you spiteful loser. Sorry that an event where people go out and enjoy themselves is something that bothers you enough to write an article about it. And don’t be too excited because the people involved are so classless as you’ve described, that them being “discouraged” to enjoy santacon, simply will make no difference. Hope to see you at santacon Foster Kramer, I’ll be the guy dressed as Santa. :)

  • Scott

    Whoever wrote this sounds like a total cock

    • derek

      accurate description

    • Dude Stop


  • Dan

    I stopped taking this person serious when he/she started talking about santa like he’s real, shut up we dont tell you how to live your life dont tell others how to live theirs, its one day out of the year theres way more worse things in the world then this so relax, wheres your christmas spirit?

  • Nah

    The person who wrote this article is fat pussy.

  • J D

    Go fuck yourself you just hate fun and large crowds of people because your too socially awkward. Bash this event all you want you low life the fun will still commence on dec 14th

  • Frankie Rio

    Dude, lighten up. Get off your soapbox for a second, step back and look at the big picture. Sure, there are a couple of bad apples in there that do incredibly stupid things, but the day is overall about two things: charity and plain old fun. There are far worse things going on in this city for you to rant and rave about. Seriously, pick up a damn newspaper and start focusing on the real issues at hand.

    • Foster Kamer

      Cool, while I’m at it, why don’t you go do something more productive than dressing up as Santa and getting grossly drunk in our neighborhoods.

      • Dude Stop

        Can you post your address so I can come drink on your lawn?

      • M Sel.

        Oh boy, someone’s got his “defensive” hat on to match his big boy pants!

        Seriously, your holier than thou attitude must make you a hit at parties.

      • lester jones

        lobby the city to close every bar because people drink there and fart on you

  • Dude Stop

    A bunch of stupid clowns complaining about a day of drinking. Find something better to bitch and moan about and while you’re at it, loosen up that sphincter and deal with it you tight ass.

  • Matt

    U sound like fun

  • Santa hendo

    You’re a miserable grinch…santacon is the best…jolly people singing and having the best time of their lives all dressed up as Santa, ya sounds awful…I’ll be there this year and the rest, with a big Santa smile on my face!

  • Icing

    SantaCon should not be punishable. Breaking the law should be punishable. Why can’t the writer of this post tell the difference between a charitable gathering and the idiots that cause chaos in its guise?

  • fun

    I have never been to a Santa Con but; I have come across people that suck and you my friend just have an an incurable disease known as sore ass.

  • Santa

    This is New York where Neo-Nazi’s freedom of speech is celebrated when they walk through Jewish neighborhoods… and you have a problem with Santa?!?! I am not particularly fond of Marathons blocking my streets, nor am I a fan of parades. I don’t like it when the “Mouth-breathing Goons” who are sports fanatics clog up my cities arterial streets on a weekly basis. There are lots of things that may be off-putting to an individual in life but we tolerate each other because when it’s our turn to get our freak on we want the freedom to do it. Who appointed you the minister of decorum? You sir are just a petty little hater who no longer knows what it means to be jolly. LUMP OF COAL SIR. LUMP OF FUCKING COAL.

  • snakeguy

    fu ck off and die hater

  • DG

    Whoever wrote this article needs to get over themselves and stop being miserable.

  • Janssen Huayamave

    Another asshole with nothing better to do.ANother robot.

  • cee2

    Y’know, you really should quit “drunk ‘n’ blogging”, especially about other people drinking. Seriously, you think that the NYPD should just stop and frisk these people because, y’know, they’re good at it? Y’know what they call people who pass judgement on everyone else and determine what’s OK and not OK to do for fun? “Mouthbreathing goons” is the answer. Sorry your life is so miserable and antisocial that you have to eke out a little happiness by dumping on other peoples’ social passtimes. Especially in NYC, where you’re probably also complaining that the city isn’t as fun as it used to be in the old days. Because of people like you passing judgemetn on everyone else. Look in the mirror, pal.

  • Joey g

    Whoever wrote this article is a douche and obviously has never been to santacon or anywhere that’s not his computer chair.

    • Anthony

      Nah low lives do santacon.

  • SantaConLover
  • SantaConIsForPedos

    Good, less pedos roaming the streets.

  • Santa

    The problem is the people who just whine and bitch about anybody and anything, usually others having more fun than said loser can ever have. You see 500-1000 santas in one place, one single d-bag is out of line or pukes or pisses (and said doosh should be locked up), so you blame all 500-1000 for being a drunken mob. get over it or stay home that day, loser.

  • duz


  • nander

    In 2012 sixty venues who participated in NYC SantaCon donated $45,000 to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. Organizers said NYC SantaCon also donated roughly 6,850 pounds of canned food to City Harvest.
    Sorry the few ruin it for the 50 THOUSAND people who do attend to spread the cheer!

  • Gfy

    You’re a moron.

  • Forsyth Jones

    SantaCon is gay.

  • lester jones

    Santacon will continue to grow until there is one santa per block in nyc. then they will drive you into the river and eat your brains

  • deanyoungblood10

    NOPE. First was directed at the OP, second was directed at April. Goodbye.

    • nicknormal

      Dear Dean, NOPE. My OP that said “you lose this round” was only in reference to your two comments directed at April. My OP outweighs your OP, you lose.

      • deanyoungblood10

        You’re not the OP you fucking moron, Angela is. My god are you stupid.

        • nicknormal

          When in doubt, argumentum ad hominem. You lose.

          • deanyoungblood10

            When in doubt, argue something you’re completely wrong about even after you’ve proven you didn’t even understand the original post. Enjoy going through life as a fucking moron.

          • nicknormal

            OMG my life is shattered, what ever will I do now that deanbloodthe10th has said something on a blog? If only we all understood his “original post” and it’s provocative message. (Also, you’re a coward.)

          • deanyoungblood10

            How am I a coward? I keep responding to you. I keep pointing out how stupid you are, and that you didn’t even understand the original post. You’ve done nothing to prove me wrong, and just keep digging a hole for yourself. It’s hilarious.

          • nicknormal

            You are a coward because you have to reduce yourself to calling people “fucking moron” and “stupid” because you can’t use polite words. People are wrong Dean, it happens. That doesn’t make them a “fucking moron” but it does make you a coward for thinking that of them. A social coward. A community coward. A political coward. A coward of many ilks and fashions, you are a coward.

          • deanyoungblood10

            I call it like I see it. If you don’t like it, then don’t be stupid. You are clearly a fucking moron. Deal with it.

          • nicknormal

            Nothing to deal with, kiddo. I’m sure you’ve been wrong once, therefore you are also a “fucking moron” and “stupid” and you too must deal with it. You’re clearly plagued by something that makes you lash out at people the way you do, like really plagued by something. Perhaps it was your parents, perhaps a teacher, perhaps living in your mom’s basement, I don’t know. Either way, it is ME who genuinely wants YOU to actually “enjoy going through life” but not as “fucking moron” as you want everyone else to be labeled – be happy Dean, get well.

          • deanyoungblood10

            I’m never wrong.

          • nicknormal

            “Look my name is Dean and I made this one account and username to lash out at people and call them fucking morons” – that’s why you are a coward, Dean.

          • deanyoungblood10

            I made the account to tell stupid people they are stupid. Just doing my job. I’m getting my money’s worth out of you, moron.

          • nicknormal

            Hiding behind the veil of anonymity makes you the coward you are Dean. Also accounts don’t cost money so you truly are the “stupid fucking moron” you claim everyone else to be.

  • lester jones

    First we feast, Eater and Gothamist are being banished and banned from the web for being intolerant petty pathetic culture snobs that promote over eating and drinking. They want us all to be bloated fat pigs like the writers for these peices of trash are

  • lester jones

    First we feast owners are sad miserable little douches

  • Kris Noel

    FOSTER KAMER is a douchetard fucktroll

  • Meez D’Meanor

    1 Million people attend New Years Eve in Times Square. If you don’t think those people are drunk and disorderly- pissing, puking, shitting, vandalizing…’re out of your mind. Not to mention 10, 000 pounds of confetti that is dropped onto the streets. What about the St. Patrick’s Day parade? The Tinker Tape parade?

    This will be my 5th year going to Santacon. I have never witnessed anyone pissing or puking in the streets nor have I seen anyone vandalizing our city. I have however, witnessed people handing out candy, making people smile, people singing and hugging and loving each other.

    Let’s ban New Years because of a few bad eggs. I dare you to suggest that.

    Go buy yourself a costume….hop the subway and lighten the fuck up. Fun is good. You should try it sometime.

  • Kris Noel

    first we feast is the guido mouthbreather goon bro site of choice. its written by sad pathetic losers with the need to bitch and whine. fuk you day hater. 100,000 santas will be marching for justice and equality.

  • Kris Noel

    first we feast is the guido mouthbreather goon bro site of choice. its written by sad pathetic losers with the need to bitch and whine. fuk you day hater. 100,000 santas will be marching for justice and equality.

  • Matt

    chill out dude

  • matt

    Interesting perspective. i never thought about how left out Jews must feel during Santa-Con.

  • Unclejo

    My son and 15 or so of his friends do Santacon every year. They are a fine group of young people that anyone would be proud to associate with. They bring food items to donate as well gifts for the charities. They have a good time but are respectful. Several times my son has been asked to pose with small children to be their “first ever picture with Santa”, and my son always does. I wonder about 10 years later , families looking at pictures and those who have my son as part of their family history. There are minimal bad Santa’s out there giving a bad reputation to all of the fine young people who participate in Santacon. I wish I were 25 years younger because I would be there too.

  • Anthony Roman

    Great shit. One of the greatest anti santa posts ever! My kid will NEVER sit on his lap

  • lester jones

    100,000 Santas say fuck you Foster Kamer, fuck you firstwefast, fuck you gothamist, fuck you gawker, and fuck you to the asshole that wrote the wikipedia santacon page. This year will be bigger and better then ever.

  • Justine

    everyone who doesn’t agree with this article either doesn’t live in NYC or will only spend college and or one or two years post college in NYC. Any true New Yorker will agree with this

  • Lou

    Wow, what a grinch. I can’t wait for Santacon 2014!

  • not sure

    firstwefeast are mouthbreathing ahole goons with no sense of humor

  • use your brain.

    whoever wrote this is not just a bad writer, but should really look into a logic course.

  • lester jones

    Despite the protestors santacon will had 50K people this year. Any the Yankees, Mets, Jets, giants and Knicks suck balls

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