Punishable Misuses of the #Foodporn Hashtag

#food #foodporn #foodie #foodgasm #instafood #PLEASESTOP

  • Click through the gallery to see the most egregious misuses of the #foodporn hashtag.
  • When you're blown away by a dude who knows how to make chocolate milk, life must be pretty exciting.
  • Potentially the most revolting plate of food anyone has ever constructed.
  • The loneliest can of Coke in the world. It's thinking, "How did I get stuck in an elevator with this struggle master?"
  • #DisasterPorn would have been the more appropriate hashtag.
  • Unless #5 is a goddamn lemon merengue pie, your hashtag pass is revoked.
  • So many hashtags, yet only one actually applies: #workinprogress.
  • Vegan chili made by an old person has about as much to do with food porn as the contents of my underwear.
  • Deploying 26 hashtags on a photo of your laptop may, in fact, be the worst use of technology since Anthony Wiener snapped a photo of his junk.
  • Whatever fetish this is, we want no part of it.
  • This would only be cool if it were the deer's Instagram account, and it was planning on eating the human.
  • Here's some hate from outside the tub: Your hashtag game is reprehensible.
  • Steak: No longer what we want for dinner.
  • What does your mom think about you dressing like that for #breakfast?
  • This is the darkest thing on the Internet.
  • Borscht is one of the least Instagrammable foods in the world, but this is a new low.
  • If there's food in this photo, I don't want to know where it is.

You must have those friends who you follow on Instagram, who flood your feed with photos of unfathomable struggle, then tag those photos #food #foodporn #foodie #foodgasm #instafood #delish #eating #yum #yummy #breakfast #lunch #dinner #fresh #tasty #hungry.

Do they piss you off? Do you unfollow them? Or do you think its absolutely hilarious when your friend Dave posts a picture of himself and Timmy wrestling and tags it #foodporn #foodgasm #yum? We do, which is why we’ve rounded up the most punishable misuses of the #foodporn hashtag, committed by social-media clowns who know that tagging a photo #foodporn might get 10,000 more people to look at it. This is #instacheating…but it’s also kind of amazing.

Click through the gallery to witness the most upsetting misuses of the #foodporn hashtag committed in recent memory.

  • SZMatheson

    The vegan chili and the contents of the old person’s underwear probably look quite similar.

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