Counting Down the Most Absurd Rapper Birthday Cakes

In honor of Drake's 27th (and his ridiculous autobiographical cake), we take a look back at the craziest hip-hop desserts in recent memory.

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  • Who: NasLevel of absurdity (0-10): 5 This cake is actually pretty dope, and it makes sense for Nas, who has always been a fan of the iconic gold dookie-rope.  (Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)
  • Who: Iggy AzeleaLevel of absurdity (0-10): 5 To be fair, this cake was not that absurd until Iggy started dancing with it and touching her anus.(Photo: Getty Images)
  • R&B INTERLUDEWho: Chris BrownLevel of absurdity (0-10): 5 Fittingly, this literally looks like the cake a 10-year-old would get. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)
  • Who: DiddyLevel of absurdity (0-10): 5 Straight up one of the ugliest cakes of all time. (Photo: Getty Images/Arnaldo Magnani)
  • Who: DiddyLevel of absurdity (0-10): 6 A shiny cake for Mr. Shiny Suit Man. (Photo: KMazur/WireImage)
  • Who: Big SeanLevel of absurdity (0-10): 6 OF COURSE BIG SEAN GOT CUPCAKES INSTEAD OF A REAL CAKE. HAHAHAHA.  (Ok, there is a cake too, but stilll...cupcakes, doggy?)(Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)
  • Who:  Young JeezyLevel of absurdity (0-10): 6 It would appear that Jeezy loves cake more than any other rapper, having had Snowman cakes, Louis Vuitton luggage cakes, and album-cover cakes in the past. This tuxedo jumpoff seems like it was sold at half-price after Justin Timberlake cancelled his order.(Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)
  • Who: NasLevel of absurdity (0-10): 6 Nas found out what happens when you let X-Box make you a birthday cake. (Photo: Denise Truscello/Getty Images)
  • RAP WAGS INTERLUDE #1Who: BeyonceLevel of absurdity (0-10): 7 Question: Why does Bey only get cakes with her face on them? (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Who: Young JeezyLevel of absurdity (0-10): 7 Like we said, this dude loves his cakes.(Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)
  • RAP BABY SHOWER CAKE INTERLUDEWho: Swizz BeatzLevel of absurdity (0-10): 7 Not a birthday, but a baby shower. Still, this one will go down in history of ugly.(Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)
  • Who: DiddyLevel of absurdity (0-10): 7 If your cake ain't as big as your kids, you ain't shit. (Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images)
  • Who: Ja RuleLevel of absurdity (0-10): 8 Incidentally, this is the same cake that every teenage girl got in 1999. (Photo: Thos Robinson/Getty Images)
  • Who: 50 CentLevel of absurdity (0-10): 7 Pretty clever of 50 to conflate literal cake with the slang term for money, right?! (Photo:
  • Who: PitbullLevel of absurdity (0-10): 7 SMH. (Photo: Denise Truscello/WireImage)
  • Who: NasLevel of absurdity (0-10): 7 The absurdity of the Queensboro Bridge cake is only trumped slightly by the absurdity of Nas' outfit.(Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage)
  • Who: Vanilla IceLevel of absurdity (0-10): 8 Ice, ice...icing. (Photo:
  • Who: DiddyLevel of absurdity (0-10): 8 Excellence. Opulence. Decadence. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Who: T.I.Level of absurdity (0-10): 8 Grey Goose bought T.I.P. a stripper-themed cake. How sweet! (Photo: Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
  • Who: ChingyLevel of absurdity (0-10): 8 Anything that says Chingy and Tao on it is automatically going to get close to maxing out the absurd-o-meter. (Photo: Denise Truscello/WireImage)
  • Who: FabolousLevel of absurdity (0-10): 9 Fab is the man, but this may be one of the goofiest images in hip-hop history. (Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images)
  • Who: Nicki MinajLevel of absurdity (0-10): 9 Needless to say, Tao should have made a Nicki Minaj booty cake instead of this piece of crap.  (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Who: PitbullLevel of absurdity (0-10): 9 This cake is almost as upsetting as Pitbull's career. (Photo: Vallery Jean/FilmMagic)
  • Who: Kanye WestLevel of absurdity (0-10): 9 The Air Yeezy in cake form. #NeverForget(Photo:
  • ABURD RAPPER FRIEND INTERLUDEWho: Floyd MayweatherLevel of absurdity (0-10): 9 Something tells us 50 Cent was behind this. (Photo:
  • RAP WAGS INTERLUDE #2Who: Kim KardashianLevel of absurdity (0-10): 9 It's almost a given that Kimye will re-write rap-cake history at their wedding. Full-size Jesus cake? (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Who: Snoop DoggLevel of absurdity (0-10): 10 Believe it or not, Snoop was 40 years old when he received a cake that looks like a 40-ounce bottle of Colt 45. Can't make it up. (Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
  • Who: NellyLevel of absurdity (0-10): 10 If you thought Kanye and 2Chainz invented the booty cake in their "Birthday Song" video, you forgot about Nelly's Apple Bottom monstrosity at his birthday in 2008 at the Venetian. (Photo: Denise Truscello/WireImage)

“Cake, cake-cake, cake-cake, cake / 500 million, I got a pound cake / Ni**as is fronting, that’s upside-down cake / Get ’em a red nose, they clown cakes / They shoulda never let you ’round cake / Look at my neck, I got a carrot cake / Now here’s the icing on the cake / Cake, cake-cake, cake-cake, uhh” — Jay Z, “Pound Cake

Jay Z’s verse on Nothing Was the Same has clearly inspired Drake to take his cake game to the next level this year. The rapper, who just turned 27, Instagrammed every moment of his birthday yesterday, including the unveiling of a Toronto cityscape crafted from butter, flour, and sugar, complete with landmarks from his life like Habibiz Café, Starbucks, and the “Started from the Bottom” billboard.


Clearly, this year has been a momentous one for Aubrey, who began to transcend his hot-newcomer status and solidify himself as one of the true titan’s of hip-hop. But while putting out an album was important, what you might not realize is that having a ridiculous birthday cake is crucial to that transformation—the fact is, you’re not really hip-hop unless your birthday cake is totally insane. From Diddy-commissioned desserts that have been carried into clubs like Cleopatra on her throne, to Snoop’s infamous Colt-45 cake, the competition is stiff. Let’s see how Aubrey’s cake stacks up.

Click through the gallery for a countdown of the wildest cakes in rap history.


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