“I Got Benihana Issues”: Our 10 Favorite Rap Lyrics About Benihana

Take an audio tour of hip-hop's favorite chain restaurant.


"Let me turn it down my baby mama listening/Extra garlic butter I got Benihana issues."

Artist: 2Chainz
Song: Crack

We're honestly not totally sure what Benihana issues are, but given that this statement is preceded by the line, "I had a foursome for Christmas," they must be pretty real.

  • zamieo

    I knew Dom Kennedy’s line would be on there!

  • Anon

    Honorable mention has to go to Joe Budden’s line in the BET Shady 2.0 Cypher:

    “That’s why haters envy, kinda wanna send me llamas/I made it right before their eyes like I was Benihanas”

    • Chris S.

      Good call, I love that line.

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  • thatboyshortt318

    Where’s Big Sean?

    • Chris S.

      Only know “Up in Benny Han Han eating all the Wonton.” Was tempted by the excellent use of the nickname, but he missed the cut due to the fact that they clearly don’t have wontons at Benihana.

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  • Bulletproof Wallets

    DJ Quik in 1998’s “I Useta Know Her”

    (We’re runnin out of beedees) Now who gon do the honors
    I hit the liquor next to Benihana’s
    But on my way I met bitch as sqaure as a box
    With a big ass booty and some goldie locks

  • Benihana

    Song: “U Need a Drink”
    Album: Midnight Life with AMG. Track 9
    first line of the song…

    “Lets Chop it up like Benihanas, Ya’ll can keep the drama,
    lets dissapear like Osama, end up in the bahamas…. WHAT A FUCKIN’ SOONGGGG!!!

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