10 Things Foodies Will Judge You For Liking

It's a harsh world out there—here's what you need to know about the snobs who are sneering at your pumpkin spice latte.


It used to be that as long as you ordered steak medium-rare and knew how to pronounce a couple French wines, you could get along just fine in culinary circles. But these days, every coffee meeting and dinner party is a potential mine-field of decisions that threaten to expose your unsophisticated palate to all your Foodie Friends. Don't be fooled—despite advocating for humane treatment of farm animals and joining anti-fracking groups on Facebook, this a remorseless bunch who will sell you down the river the second you order that plate of truffle mac and cheese.

To help you avoid such a ignominious fate—or, alternatively, to give you ammo to piss off your least favorite snob—here is a guide to things that foodies will hate you for liking. 

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  • http://flavorboulevard.com/ Mai Truong

    I’m indifferent to most of these (probably out of fear of losing friends) but I can attest that Cupcakes and White Chocolate should be abolished from the universe.

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