The Funniest GIFs of Peter Griffin Stuffing His Face

He may be clueless and utterly oblivious, but if there is one thing the man loves (more than Lois), it's stuffing his face.

  • Season 5, Episode 7:  Peter eagerly shows his son a new trick in which he eats a chocolate bar, throws a sweatshirt on, and tightens the drawstrings—only to spit it out and proudly proclaim, "I look like an anus!" Source:
  • Season 7, Episode 14 Peter discovers a love of Kix cereal until Lois tells him it's healthy. Peter defiantly responds by pushing the bowl away, refusing to eat something that's good for him. Source:
  • Season 4, Episode 10:  During a fire-side chat with Lois's father, Mr. Pewterschmidt, Peter is asked to eat a pine cone. Why? Because it will amuse Mr. Pewterschmidt. Peter abides. Source:
  • Season 10, Episode 15: Peter and Quagmire get themselves a job sorting pills, but instead they just stuff their faces. Quagmire barfs while Peter just passes out with a "wicked boner." Source:
  • Season 12, Episode 5: While eating a classy dinner with Lois, Peter thinks of the progress he's made since the days he was at home pretending to be a cat. Source:
  • Season 11, Episode 17:  When Peter and Quagmire's plane crashes and they find themselves in the middle of nowhere, Peter decides to test out  some of the berries he finds to see if they're poisonous. His response, "These are a maybe." Source:
  • Season 4, Episode 19: Lois makes jambalaya for dinner. Instead of voicing his opinions, Peter chews it up and spits it out in his hand. Lois politely asks Peter to swallow his food or put it in his napkin, but he'd rather spit it in his hand and shove it in Lois's face. Source:
  • Season 10, Episode 7: Peter's been told rice cakes are a really good way to start your diet. Well, as you can see, Peter would rather die than eat another rice cake. Source:
  • Season 5, Episode 12: Peter eats half of a Fudgesicle in one bite, only to immediately suffer from debilitating brain freeze. Source:
  • Season 11, Episode 10: When Brian replaces Peter's I Can't Believe It's Not Butter with real butter, Peter goes insane. He becomes hysterical and goes on a killing rampage and ends up in an asylum. Butter can do some serious damage. Source:
  • Season 5, Episode 2: When Peter's mother, Thelma, divorces his father and begins dating news anchor Tom Tucker, Peter rebels and refuses to listen to his stepfather. He defiantly eats ice cream in Tucker's face, slowly, only to be bent over and spanked like a child. Source:
  • Season 3, Episode 17:  When Peter decides to grow a bushy beard, he runs into an unexpected issue at the movies when he realizes the bird living in his beard is eating all his popcorn. Source:

A couple months ago, we brought you the finest GIFs of Homer Simpson’s voracious eating habits. To keep the journalistic standards up to par in 2014, we figured it was time to turn our attention to that other exemplar of animated gluttony: Family Guy’s Peter Griffin. Arguably the second most beloved cartoon dad of the 21st century, Peter is many things: a loyal (albeit incessantly jealous) husband, a loving (unaware and constantly outsmarted) father, a close friend, and an often naive Irish-American family man.

Family Guy has been an American cartoon sitcom staple since the early 2000s. Coming straight from the wildly inventive and twisted mind of Seth MacFarlane, the Griffin family’s hilarious dysfunctionality has cemented itself in American popular culture. Peter may not have the iconic love of donuts or beer that Homor Simpson does, but, like Homer, he becomes a child around food. Peter will eat just about anything you put in front of him.

Peter rejects anything that’s healthy—for example, there was the time Lois ruined Kix cereal by telling him it’s nutritious, or the time he nearly killed himself after eating a rice cake. He’s defiant whenever he’s told not to eat anything, like when he disobeyed his new step-father Tom Tucker by eating ice cream before dinner and got spanked. He’ll eat whatever’s in front of him, whether pills or wild berries or even a pinecone, for the amusement of his father-in-law.

We wanted to honor Peter Griffin and his wondrous eating habits and so we tracked down the best videos of Peter eating, cut them up into GIFs, and compiled them into gallery. Enjoy, and let them be an inspiration for this weekend’s feasting.

Click through the gallery above to see the best GIFs of Peter Griffin stuffing his face, childishly refusing to eat, and inhaling things that aren’t even supposed to be food. 

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