Eat This Tumblr: Baguette-Me-Nots

Because baguettes can be whatever you want them to be.

  • Wearable is the new edible.
  • Sourdough selfie!
  • Bread isn't the greatest conductor for electricity.
  • Kate McKinnon, cello virtuoso and bread enthusiast.
  • Winner gets a free wine and cheese party.
  • Hot stone massage meets aromatherapy.
  • Best. Prom. Night. Ever.
  • Stress-eat while you wait.
  • The delicious, starchy stuff of nightmares.
  • Marcia Gay Harden and her baguette baby.
  • Last but not least: hi there, George.

If you’ve always thought of baguettes as merely food, you’re thinking too small—at least according to Baguette-Me-Nots, the hilarious photo series brought to you by comedian John Milhiser and artist Tim Bierbaum, both of comedy group Serious Lunch. The concept is simple, the possibilities endless: Take a photo of a comedian, actor, or entertainer in an everyday situation, then replace any given inanimate object with, you guessed it, a baguette.

The stars of Milhiser and Bierbaum’s tableaux range from up-and-coming comedians to seasoned pros and Internet icons (looking at you, George Takei), but the cumulative effect is an endlessly adaptable concept with extensive archives all too friendly to procrasti-browsing. Check out our favorites above, and do take a moment to imagine a world where it’s socially acceptable to have a prom bouquet made out of carbs.

Click through the gallery for our favorite baguette-related shenanigans. All photos courtesy of Tim Bierbaum and John Milhiser.


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