Drunk Wife Tells Nacho Joke, Husband Animates It and Wins Internet (Video)


As nacho lovers, we can’t not share this gem of a video—a great way to cap off a week of food-animation excellence. All you need to know is that it is a true story, and it is about nachos.

[h/t @jordanarothman]

  • FreedomKME

    Uhm … and the video?

    • opinionated observer

      Yea, if you find it let me know.

      • Feeling helpful
        • opinionated observer

          Thanks! Helpful!

        • Brett Lovejoy

          Stumbled upon this article and that video you posted doesn’t work anymore. The initial article is such a failure, wow.

  • captain_quirk

    Firstwefeast.com = FAILURE

  • Maane

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