Reacting to Drake’s Epic “Chinese Pancake” Flip, with Drake GIFs

Drake be like...

The above Instagram video shows Drake, a.k.a. @champagnepapi, flipping what appears to be a plus-size pancake at Voula’s OffShore Cafe in Seattle.

We all know that Drake is the type of dude to wake up early to cook his girl pancakes (then cry when she says she prefers waffles), so it’s not surprising that he can work the griddle a lil’ bit. But that’s no ordinary pancake—if you’ve seen the Diners, Drive Ins and Dives episode where Guy Fieri visits Voula’s (don’t judge), you know that it is actually the Greek diner’s legendary “Chinese pancake,” which has ham and eggs cooked into it.


No wonder all of Drake’s friends go absolutely bonkers when he pulls off the flip, right? (Or maybe, just maybe, Drake just needs more real people on his team to not praise his most basic triumphs. Who are we to say…).

At any rate, this is probably one of the top 25 greatest things to ever happen in a diner in the Pacific Northwest, so we thought we’d give you a little insight into how it all went down.

At first, Drake was just hanging out at Voula’s, laughing at hilarious Greek jokes by Voula’s son, Sikey.


But all of a sudden Sikey was like, “Hey Drake, we’re having such a great time, why don’t you try flipping the Chinese pancake?” And Drake was all like:


Drake’s friends cried, “You’re scared, son! You’re scared.” Which made Drake feel like:


But then Drake remembered that he’s not on Degrassi anymore—he’s the best rapper alive, goddammit. So he was like: 


Then, Drake put on his game face:


And he flipped that damn Chinese pancake like a champion:


Then Drake got an awkward boner.

The end.

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