Dominique Ansel is a Badass, Sword-Wielding Pastry Warrior

Contrary to his claims on Twitter of being too skinny, Ansel is in fact a karate master who can ward off cronut zombies.

  • Karate Kid Dominique Ansel received lessons from Mr. Miyagi. Cronut on...cronut off...cronut on...cronut off. (Photo:
  • Ansel is the REAL Ultimate Warrior. (Photo: Inside Pulse)
  • Dominique Ansel was Scorpion from Mortal Kombat's stunt double! (Photo:
  • Screen-Shot-2013-06-20-at-4.53

Apparently, Dominique Ansel had to handle a dude today who got a little agro while waiting in line to get his Cronut fix. Ansel tweeted, “Today someone actually threatened our staff physically…”


Then followed up with…

twittahTo which Eater National editor Raphael Brion replied…

twitttterAnsel was modest, and said he was too skinny to ward off angry customer, and that he should enlist Johnny Iuzzini instead.

But this is pure fallacy! Ansel is, in fact, the ultimate karate master/badass warrior of our time. We uncovered photos of Ansel training with Mister Miyagi, one which proves he was Scorpion’s stunt double in Mortal Kombat, and another pic which shows that he is, in fact, the real Ultimate Warrior (too bad you always thought it was Lex Luther). Clearly, Ansel is a badass, sword-wielding black belt with the ability to ward off any Cronut seeking zombies that come his way. So lay off, or the pastry chef will most likely take you down—and there won’t even be evidence that you got served.


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