10 Awesome Dogs Named Nacho

Nacho is, without a doubt, one of the greatest names ever for man's best friend.

  • Nacho Libre is a four-year-old cocker spaniel mix that weighs around 30 pounds. Originally from Mexico, he now lives in NYC and is up for adoption. (Photo: Pet Finder)
  • We know nothing about this dog, other than the facts that its name is Nacho—according to someone on Reddit. (Photo: Reddit)
  • The collar says "Nacho," and his eyes say "pet me"—what more could you ask for in a dog? (Photo: Flickr)
  • This Boston Terrier is chillin' in Wisconsin, loving his name, which is Nacho. (Photo: Bterrior)
  • This two-year-old Chihuahua named Nacho is only seven pounds and is currently up for adoption in Tampa, FL. (Photo: Guardian Angel Dog Rescue)
  • This pit bull-terrier mix was adopted from the Lonestar Sanctuary in Texas. (Photo: Adopt Dogtime)
  • One of the many Chihuahuas named Nacho, this one has the distinction of being crowned the "Top Dog Named Nacho." (Photo: Pet MD)
  • This pup named Nacho Boy is sadly no longer with us. (Photo: Dog Heirs)
  • Follow Nachodogg on Vine for plenty of French bulldog hijinks. (Photo: Seenive)
  • FYI: This is what happens when you return a lost dog named Nacho. (Photo: 9gag)
  • Nachos: inspiring in more ways than you even knew. (Photo: First We Feast)

It’s no secret that we are nacho aficionados (a.k.a. “aficionachos”?!),  but admittedly it wasn’t until recently that we realized how great a name Nacho is for a cute pup. Aside from the possibility for puns (“back off, this is nacho dog”), the dish deserves to have a spirit animal that will represent its comforting, easygoing charms. With nachos staging epic comeback in the culinary world, what better way to ensure they stay in the limelight than by naming your pet after chips covered in melted cheese?

Spanning a wide range of breeds, sizes, and personalities, dogs named Nacho are just as awesome as you’d expect.

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