Chronic Prosciutto: A Seattle Butcher Finds Out What Happens When You Feed Weed to Pigs

The Washington State hog maestro claims putting marijuana in his pigs' feed makes them “redder and more savory."

Butcher William von Schneidau with his pot pig. (Photo: BB Ranch)

Butcher William von Schneidau with his pot pig. (Photo: BB Ranch)

We know what you’re hoping: Someone figured out a way to infuse bacon with THC and now we can all get stoned and eat bacon at the same damn time. Not exactly. But Seattle butcher William von Schneidau, who owns the BB Ranch butcher shop at Pike Place Market in Seattle, has started feeding marijuana to the pigs he cures to make prosciutto.

He feeds the little porkers weed scraps—like stem, leaves, and root bulbs—that he gets from a nearby Medical Marijuana Dispensary. He tells NPR that the so-called “pot pigs” that he’s butchered thus far have been “redder and more savory” than piggies not fed chronic refuse.

While there hasn’t yet been a scientific study conducted on what happens to pigs when you feed them weed, Von Schneidau says that he’s all for an investigation. “If we had a vet that stepped up to the plate and wanted to check out their joints and mood, and what drugs make pigs happy, that would be great,” he tells NPR. “But me, I just get out there, and cut them up, and put them on a BBQ, and eat them.” We wonder what strain he’s smoking while he gnaws on those tasty baby-back ribs.

[via NPR]

  • David Torres

    What happens if you feed it to cows? Pot Steaks?

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