The 15 Best Celebrity Chef Selfies

What better way to honor Oxford Dictionary's word of the year than by finding the finest celeb-chef selfies on the Internet?

  • Oxford Dictionary may have named selfie the word of the year, but in the food world, the crown goes to Cronut.  And so here's the trend-of-the-year poster picture: Chef Dominique Ansel's shot of his hand holding a Cronut in the MoMa's much-hyped Rain Room. We're pretty sure that's called metonymy, but we weren't paying attention in English class. (Photo:
  • This is really special; a three-fer featuring Andrew Zimmern, Guy Fieri, and Molly Mogren. What more could you ask for? (Photo:
  • That is Mario Batali taking a selfie in drag for The Chew's Halloween episode. The cast dressed as the beautiful Spice Girls. We definitely crown Batali queen of the selfie. (Photo:
  • Social media guru Martha Stewart gave us a powerhouse of a selfie with Dave Letterman. Though Martha admits to never looking good in selfies, we think she looks great. Watch the full video of her spot on the Letterman show
  • Here we go: two master chefs lampin' shirtless by the pool. Tom Colicchio and Manresa's David Kinch serving us a top notch selfie. (Photo:
  • Tyler Florence, live from the New York City Food and Wine Festival. (Photo:
  • Mrs. Rachael Ray cozies up to VH1's Jason Dundas for this #veryrare black and white selfie. (Photo:
  • If you were already thinking about buying yourself some thick-frammed hipster specs this holiday season, here's the only incentive you need: Bobby Flay wearing them with utmost confidence. (Photo:
  • Yes, Raekwon is a chef and anybody who says otherwise needs to go lock themselves in a closet and listen to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... (Photo:
  • Sure, Matthew Jennings is a chef, but he's also a pirate. Or just a guy who has a corneal abrasion—but most likely a pirate. (Photo:
  • The Baus Eddie Huang snaps a selfie of himself with a man he refers to as "#thegodtravolta." (Photo:
  • Richard Blais and his daughters are still trying to perfect the family selfie. The daughters seem to have this whatever attitude. His duck face won't cut it. Also, Blais, please no selfies while driving! (Photo:
  • You wouldn't know it by the slim physique and dapper get-up, but this bad boy is celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. The man cleans up nicely. (Photo:
  • Bam Bam arguably counts as a celebrity chef even though his primary occupation is rapping and growing a beard. He's got Youtube cooking videos, he has manned a sponsored Food Truck, and Instagrams food on the daily. And if he doesn't count, his headgear should earn him a pass this one time. He calls this beautiful self-portait "Dances With Wolves." (Photo:

Hate it or love it, 2013 was the year of the selfie; Oxford Dictionary is pro-selfie, and so is everybody else (including Obama, apparently). Okay, well maybe not everybody—the rise of the selfie is actually pretty divisive, but it just so happens that a whole lot of celebrity chefs indulge in the trendy Instagram-driven photographic style. And so, as 2014 rapidly approaches, we thought it’d be appropriate to take a look at how this new brand of narcissism has affected the culinary world.

We’ve dug deep into the Instagram accounts of famous chefs (and, ahem, “chefs”) to unearth the 15 finest selfies—sometimes awkward, sometimes awesome, yet always charming in their own special way.

The average age of a celebrity chef is probably around 40-something, so they’re not totally in-tune with the adolescent-dominated art of selfie-taking—but they try. As a result, they can sometimes look like your parents trying to be cool, shakily holding their smart phone in front of their face and not really knowing what to do. There’s no duck-facing, or Snapchat-style expressions—it’s either deadpan or just a bit uncomfortable. But in any event, it’s always incredibly amusing.

Our round-up includes a Combination Andrew Zimmern/Guy Fieri, Mario Batali in drag, Martha Stewart mugging with Letterman, a Jamie Oliver video selfie (next level), and many more.

Pay homage to the word of the year and click through the gallery to see the best celebrity chef selfies on the Internet. 


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