Blowing Cornstarch Onto a Flame Will Turn You Into a Fire-Breathing Dragon

Don't try this at home?


Your childhood dreams of having fire-breathing superpowers can be a reality, thanks to YouTube legend the Crazy Russian HackerAll you have to do is raid a kitchen cabinet for a tablespoon of cornstarch and blow it onto a flame. Just make sure mom’s not around.

While most fire-breathers use alcohol as a means of ignition, the Crazy Russian Hacker shows us that corn starch is a much safer alternative that produces just as fascinating results. When sitting in a container, the starch doesn’t react to a flame. However, once it’s flying around in the air, it’s a whole different story.

Check out the pyrotechnic spectacle in the slow-mo video below. (And seriously, don’t actually try it at home—we need you to keep reading so we can keep our jobs.)

[via Gizmodo]

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