The 20 Best GIFs of Homer Simpson Stuffing His Face

Because nobody defines cartoon gluttony quite like Homer.

  • Burger King "Homer Eats Whopper" commercial: Homer's waterfall of drool is simply a testament to his undying love for big, juicy burgers. (Source:
  • Season 5, Episode 4: Waking up in the middle of the night to sit and eat 46 slices of American cheese in your underwear? Power move. (Source:
  • Season 3, Episode 14: The king of three-bag, two-dip chip eating, beer drinking, and TV watching. (Source:
  • Season 5, Episode 15: Even in zero gravity, Homer finds a way to fit as many chips as possible in his mouth. NASA needs more Homer Simpsons. (Source:
  • Season 3, Episode 7: Homer wished for a sandwich, so the gods gave him a sandwich, BUT THE TURKEY WAS DRY! How dare they spite him with dry turkey. (Source:
  • Season 5, Episode 5: Homer took the unfortunate journey down to donut hell, but he faced this deathly donut-popping machine with the elegance and poise of a champion.  (Source:
  • Season 9, Episode 23: As a veteran beer drinker and pot-belly pro, Homer can drink a Duff without lifting a finger. (Source:
  • Season 4, Episode 3: Homer is never happier than when dancing in the spray of Duff Beer. (Source:
  • Season 6, Episode 8: After a serious internal conflict regarding whether to go against Marge's wishes and eat the pie or not, Homer (of course) eats it faster than you could say "Homer's the man." (Source:
  • Season 10, Episode 7: It's a truly sad scene: Pinchy is a nice, well-loved lobster, but he just tastes so damn good that Homer can't help himself! (Source:
  • Season 20, Episode 17: Corn on the cob in one hand, meaty chicken wing in the other, Homer doesn't have a care in the world. (Source:
  • Season 5, Episode 1: Even a dapper, young Homer ate brownies like a king. (Source:
  • Treehouse Of Horror II. I'm sure you all can appreciate stuffing your face with candy after a diabetes-inducing Halloween week. (Source:
  • Season 7, Episode 17: Homer, the chef, whips up a fiery bowl of cereal for breakfast. (Source:
  • Homer never wastes a second when it comes to shoving donuts in his mouth.  (Source:
  • Season 4, Episode 11: Homer owes much of his gluttonous eating habits to Marge, and this is a perfect example of why: chicken wings, soda, pizza, and cake in bed. What more could he ask for? (Source:
  • Season 4, Episode 11: Burgers in the bloodstream keep Homer alive. (Source:
  • Season 20, Episode 18: Homer's classic sour face. (Source:
  • Season 11, Episode 21: Homer can't always hold his composure around food, and nothing's wrong with a quick faint in an ice cream boat. (Source:
  • Really not too sure what he's eating here, but it's a prime example of Homer's incredible ability to shove food down his gullet. (Source:

Anybody who grew up in the last 30 years knows that The Simpsons holds a special place in American pop culture. The show is a truly brilliant satirical representation of the average American family. It’s been lauded as a classic by basically everyone and sustained an impressive 25-season run. But we’re here to highlight a very specific and essential element of the show: namely, Homer Simpson’s gluttonous eating habits.

The guy is a tank. He guzzles Duff beer down his pipe like an 18-wheeler does diesel. He’s the heart of the family, the man of the house, and—of course—the biggest child of all. Homer’s charm is in his instinct, his utter lack of self-control, and the subsequent regret that’s inevitable after giving into every whim of his voracious appetite.

Homer has an unwavering love of donuts, a passion for pork chops, and an obsession with chocolate. He’s an animal around food, unable to control his barbarian-like eating instincts. So we thought it’d only be right if we chop the best videos of Homer stuffing his face in GIFs to inspire your own feasting as we enter the most gluttonous time of year.

Click through the gallery to see Homer Simpson’s gluttonous eating and drinking habits, immortalized in GIF form.

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