Baseball Player Prince Fielder Steals a Nacho From Fan

This guy is the real-life Kenny Powers.

Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder stole a nacho from a fan, and it was the most American thing that’s ever happened. Fielder was obviously disappointed when he realized he wasn’t going to catch a would-be foul ball, but he did not walk away from the stands unvictorious. Fielder saw that a fan had a big plate of nachos, so he took a chip, possibly dipped it in the cheese sauce, and went back to the game. This is a story of turning lemons into lemonade, and would-be foul balls into a cheesy-delicious snack break. Prince Fielder is like the real-life Kenny Powers, and a hero to us all.

kenny Baseball Player Prince Fielder Steals a Nacho From Fan

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