15 Animals That Will Photobomb Your Food Porn

They move in silence, and pounce when you least expect it.

  • Click through the gallery to see the best animal photobombs...
  • And the scary thing is, no one ever heard from this dude again... (Photo: This is Photobomb)
  • The car seat can't protect you from everything, kid. (Photo: This is Photobomb)
  • Momofuku Milk Bar chocolate-malt layer cake photobombed by your PUP. (Photo:
  • This cat doesn't appreciate Edible Arrangements, either. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Sneaky motherf**ker. (Photo: This is Photobomb)
  • First off, this is a true #struggleplate. Still, that creepy-looking cat's going to snap those overcooked peas right off your lap. (Photo: This is Photobomb)
  • Humans aren't the only ones who like to get shit-faced off Zinfandel. (Photo:
  • #FlyingCat = legend. (Photo: This is Photobomb)
  • Even your dog is bored by your attempt to eat healthy. (Photo:
  • Gimme dat iced hazelnut latte RIGHT NOW. (Photo:
  • You decided to Instagram your cute children holding bananas, and then this happened. (Photo: Huffington Post)
  • Microwave pizza bagels are cool until your dog attacks your lap. (Photo: This is Photobomb)
  • We sympathize with this woman, because, really, who knows what an emu is capable of? (Photo: This is Photobomb)
  • BEEZ IN THE LATTE. (Photo: Peta Pixel)
  • Bacon-maple bars photobombed by your pooch. NOW WHAT!? (Photo:

For every brilliant, clear photo of the sunset that you post on Instagram and Facebook, there are at least three of your dog or cat looking awkward and derpy behind a beautiful Momofuku Milk Bar cake. In the case of food porn, animals just can’t help themselves from jumping into your well-planned shot. You cook and bring home all this delicious, picture-perfect food, and then you just let it sit there. What do you think is going to happen, doofus?

We’ve scoured the Internet for the best #animal photobombs of foodporn to help you realize that your pet isn’t the only one who failed obedience school.

Click through the gallery to see the tactics that pets, zoo animals, and wild beasts use to photobomb your food porn.


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