A Very Hip-Hop Thanksgiving: Your Complete Gif Guide to Turkey Day

The day has been preordained by rap music.

  • When you wake up, surprisingly hangover-free, and realize, "Damn, son—it's THANKSGIVING!" Let's get it!
  • When your mom suggests that it's too early to start drinking.
  • When the first hunger pangs hit and you realize you probably won't eat for at least six hours.
  • When you settle on watching football to pass the hours and you pretend to like the Cowboys again.
  • When you open the oven to check on your signature stuffing and it's smelling just right.
  • When your progressive aunt suggests that the family should serve something other than turkey next year as the main dish.
  • When you are so hungry you consider eating your cousin.
  • When the family starts talking about how much they're looking forward to your signature stuffing.
  • When you tell your aunt that you are hungry enough to "literally eat a car."
  • When your mom finally calls everyone to the table.
  • When you're hitting your stride going into plate #2.
  • When your uncle asks what you think of his candied yams.
  • When your cousin who's home from the Peace Corps reminds you that while you feast, there are children starving in Africa.
  • When you're getting ready to go back to the buffet for plate #3, and you know shit is about to go down.
  • When you nimbly deflect questions from your grandma about whether or not you're gay.
  • When the "friend" you brought home for the holidays attempts to give you an under-the-table handjob.
  • When you and grandpa step into the living room to toast another successful holiday.
  • When the first effects of tryptophan begin to kick in and you have to exert all your willpower to keep your eyes open.
  • When everyone agrees that your stuffing killed it, once again.
  • When the tryptophan gets very real and you start hallucinating on the couch.
  • When you get a second wind and raid your parents' liquor stash with your excitable 19-year-old cousin.
  • When you get caught making leftovers after everyone has gone to bed.
  • When you go back to the gym on Monday.

Just got up? It’s going to be a long day, full of fun, laughter, feasting—and probably a few ego-bruising fails and feuds along the way. But there’s no need to go into it unprepared: Rap music has already preordained exactly how it’s all going to go down.

Click through the gallery above for a clairvoyant look ahead at what’s in store for you on Turkey Day.

Gifs via Complex.com and Gifs of Popular Rappers


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